Jury at Isleworth Crown Court decide that Muslims bashing up white girls is perfectly fine

From Casuals United:

Watch the video below. The two Muslim brothers Mohamed El Togby and Abdul El Togby, who BOTH punched little Vicky in the face, leaving her needing stitches, were cleared by a jury, of which half the people on it shared the attackers religion, and the others were old people. In the video at around 6:39, one of them walks over and while he could have punched anyone he wanted, he is seen to deliberately target Vicky, who is about 6 stone soaking wet. They claimed they were provoked, and this video was not allowed to be seen by the jury, only the official CCTV. No doubt the Muslims on the jury were of the opinion that she was only a “Kuffar bitch” anyway and shouldnt have been out in public not covered up, so deserved it, and the others on the jury took into account that fact that this sort of violence against women is an acceptable part of their culture. Every time there have been incidents involving EDL and Muslims at or near demos, they have shown time and time again that they will happily assault women. I was nearly attacked at Hyde. These people have zero respect for women, especially not white ones. Ive seen Commies laughing about this on Twitter. Nice. Just goes to show the sort of scum they are.

Watch the video and judge for yourself whether he deliberately hits a woman. Those non muslims on the jury should hang their heads in shame.

Note from Vladtepesblog:

The person who uploaded the video disabled embedding. However here is a link that should take you to 6 minutes into the video where a lot of mutual provocation occurs. None of it justifies what happens to the young woman however.

The two links in the article itself above should take you to the start of the video.


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3 Replies to “Jury at Isleworth Crown Court decide that Muslims bashing up white girls is perfectly fine”

  1. It is a legal right to protest in this country – it is not a legal right to attack someone because you do not like what they are protesting about.

    If someone is in the area of a protest that they disagree with – they are deliberatly provoking themselves – that man should not have been anywhere near the area, considering he is a muslim and is likely to be upset about the EDL protest.

    The Police should have arrested him for attempted breach of the peace, and stopped him from assaulting the young lady – they did not because the Police, courts, liberals etc.. do not like to upset ethnic groups because of fear of racism etc..

  2. It shouldn’t be this way – but in time the British people will say enough is enough and will start to take the law into their own hands. If my daughter was assaulted and the reprobate got away with it, I would find it difficult to keep my hands off the filthy scumbag.
    We are on the verge of a civil war!

  3. People get distracted, therefore every time the EDL gathers or protests they need to post sentries with whistles in strategic places so the group can be warned of incoming muslims and gather together to defend their smaller members and territory. Obviously they can’t depend on the police for protection.

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