Muslims exploit logical fallacies in Helsinki, demonstrate for Islamic supremacy

If one pays attention to this video (Translated by Tundra Tabloids with thanks) it can be seen how Western nations have failed themselves by taking for granted the skill of reason.

For example. The logical fallacy used here conspicuously but also by Muslims in general that since they hold their own religious items as fetish objects of worship, apart from their actual content or value to themselves, that it must therefore be held as sacred by the rest of us. That the sheer number of people who hold this book in high esteem means we must abandon all facts, critical analysis of content, consideration of the consequences of the ideas in this material, the koran etc. and so on.

I wonder how many average people would buy into the reasoning that islamic materials should be respected on the sheer strength of believers, as opposed to garnering respect through the actual content. Probably a lot of us. Which shows us how we have failed ourselves.

It is also highly interesting how the speaker refers to the “Arab spring” reaching Finland, and quite clearly meaning that it would bring with it, not the kind of liberation, liberalism, and democracy as advertised, but instead Islamic supremacy and the end of critical thought. No worries leftists, critical theory will still be allowed I’m sure.

Lastly, it is interesting that he mixes in some more-or-less factual accounts of ‘koran desecration’ with purely fictional ones. It is very important however not to correct the false ones because doing so creates the impression that there is somehow something wrong with the real ones. The Koran is a book and a crappy one at that and one that has arguably inspired more hatred, retrograde culture and death and destruction than any other in history. So another trap laid for us by this orator is the notion that we should somehow argue with him about the false accounts of koran desecration. In fact we should applaud them all.

Eeyore for Vlad

Please click over to Tundra Tabloids for more analysis and information on this event. Posted below is some text right from them.

A demonstration by Kurds in Finland took place last week on Friday in Helsinki on the 2nd of March. They came to demonstrate in front of the Norwegian embassy against two Kurds in Norway that burned the Koran.

There are links between the Kurdish group in Finland and the Kurdish terrorist leader, Mullah Krekar, in Norway,  who more than likely gave his approval for the demonstration.
The speech delivered at the demo makes it absolutley clear, that regardless of any western ‘offenses’ made against Islam, real or imagined, muslims will invent any narrative, create new conditions, get enraged and demand yet more appeasement from the west in order to push their agenda further. No apology, declaration of appeasement, nor groveling by elected officials will ever be enough, they will only use it as evidence of the ‘justness’ of their cause, and further try to ‘punish ‘ the west for their unislamic behavior.

It is also interesting that these Kurds refuse to allow the koran to be treated in the same manner as both Jewish  and Christian Holy Scriptures are by the media and culture. Islam is not to be just one belief system among equals, but to be supreme over them. You can’t get it any clearer than that, and straight from the mustard’s own mouth.

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3 Replies to “Muslims exploit logical fallacies in Helsinki, demonstrate for Islamic supremacy”

  1. Kurds belong in a real Kurdistan. They’re actually a cut above most of them, despite the robotic chanting. It would kill them to know they share some of the same DNA as Jews…which is why they’re smarter.

    They really do deserve a state, which is denied them by Iran, Iraq, Turkey – all the places they live and are persecuted. When the West cut up the Middle East they should’ve done this. They didn’t and now we pay.

    For info on Jewish/Kurd ties:

    “Kurds are the Closest Relatives of Jews”

    In 2001, a team of Israeli, German, and Indian scientists discovered that the majority of Jews around the world are closely related to the Kurdish people — more closely than they are to the Semitic-speaking Arabs or any other population that was tested. The researchers sampled a total of 526 Y-chromosomes from 6 populations (Kurdish Jews, Kurdish Muslims, Palestinian Arabs, Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazic Jews, and Bedouin from southern Israel) and added extra data on 1321 persons from 12 populations (including Russians, Belarusians, Poles, Berbers, Portuguese, Spaniards, Arabs, Armenians, and Anatolian Turks)…


    The author took this from a Kurdish newspaper, 2006. I’m sure there is more recent info.

  2. They should all be rounded up and deported. Who in their right mind allows these clowns to emigrate to western countries? WTF???

    F22Ross from Twitter

  3. Oh D, you got my rolling on the floor with that one have bookmarked it for future use to shove in certain faces lol!
    I remember seeing a link to a finnish Defence league once, will as around

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