The Moral Confusion of Sir Peter Bottomley MP

By Paul Weston

A planned British Freedom Party event was cancelled last week after the venue’s manager was threatened by an organisation called Unite Against Fascism ( UAF ).

The UAF is a deeply unpleasant organisation, which quite astonishingly has been publicly endorsed by our Prime Minister and various MPs – including Conservative MP Sir Peter Bottomley.

The Daily Telegraph exposed some horrific facts about the UAF last week, so I wrote to Sir Peter Bottomley via email, to ask why both he and Cameron publicly endorsed such an extremist, anti-British and hateful organisation. His response was chilling.


Dear Sir Peter…

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2 Replies to “The Moral Confusion of Sir Peter Bottomley MP”

  1. I read the link at “facts” and am apopleptic with RAGE! I had no idea that Ken Livingstone, the guy who’s running for mayor of London in 2012 is behind the UAF!

    Ken Livingstone is behind that violent anti British extremist organization that’s aligned with Anjem Choudhry’s poppyburners and just a few weeks ago demonstraded in solidarity with that group of filthy peodophile rapists!!!

    That Vermin! That Filth! That treasonous traitorous scumbag!

    Ken Livingstone’s organizaiton demonstrated in support of a pedophilic rape gang. He might as well be a card carrying member of NAMBLA!

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