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4 Replies to “paul Weston, leader of The Party for British Freedom”

  1. Curious about the background noise. . .repetitive automotive horns sounding off is consistently heard. IIRC, Weston’s event was cancelled at a commercial venue and this appears to be a last minute private residence accomodation. Is the noise normal in that area or is it a spontaneous protest initiated outside with signs for motorists to honk if in agreement . . .or possibly in protest of this meeting?

  2. It was at a private apartment. The audio is dramatically better (IMO of course) than the original, and while there is still some traffic noise, it is New York after all, it is much better than the original file.

    I am not aware of a cancellation of another venue but I will ask Paul shortly.

  3. Eeyore, I missed it if it was mentioned, but I had no idea Weston’s speech was given in NYC. The noise would be expected and quite ‘natural’ then – heh.
    As for the cancellation, it was mentioned at Gates of Vienna in this thread . . .
    Form Letter to MPs Who Endorse Unite Against Fascism

    “As mentioned yesterday, British Freedom was forced to cancel its party meeting due to intimidation of venue’s landlord by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

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