BBC airs documentary on radical Islam in Luton today

The BBC seems to want to appear to try and take back the narrative of protecting actual liberalism in the UK by airing a documentary on the painfully obvious, ultra-convservative ISlam in England.

xAs it is airing in the UK only and not available online till tomorrow we won’t know how they have spun it yet. My guess is they will show some of the horror, claim some of it is bad but it isn’t the real Islam and then manage somehow to blame the EDL for all that is bad that these Muslims do and say while exonerating any foreign nationals or British Muslims.

They will however show you some genuinely shocking footage of Islam in England in order to create plausible deniability as by now, no-one in England buys the ‘Islam in peace’ narrative without at least some maple syrup or honey on the probe.

Below is a 2 minute clip from this documentary. Quite interesting I think. I very much look forward to how the BBC will spin it with the whole thing, which, as I mentioned, should be online sometime tomorrow.

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22 Replies to “BBC airs documentary on radical Islam in Luton today”

  1. Muslims are a small oppressed brown people not serious or responsible for what they think, say or do. The great white leftards need to constantly come to their aid and interpret what they say for them.

  2. That march looks like more than a small minority.

    Islam – a 1,400 year old brainwashing system that results in a death cult.

    Don’t get close. It is contagious. And once you’ve got it, it is hard to get rid of.

  3. what’s hilarious is you can see her brain cells firing away trying to cover for this women while she is being verbally denigrated by her at the same time, it’s literally a moral relativism bomb being bounced back at her legs and exploding, like that iranian in thailand, lol

  4. “Who are you trying to seduce”? a prig in a bin, liner bag. And since they all look the same, any one or two or four of ’em will do!

  5. I have watched this documentary and I must say that I have never seen such shoddy reporting/journalism (or whatever you would like to call it) in all my life. All this ditz does is wander around her hometown and get opinions from her friends who are now Muslim and takes their word as truth. She then proceeds to speak with some non-Muslims and takes their ignorance and twists it to provide the solution for extremism. Very frustrating to watch. I guarantee that if I ever saw my country’s brave solider’s being spat on, I would be beating the piss out of those people and make it impossible for them to do it again.

  6. Methinks I do not have the stomach to listen to this garbage. So I will rely on secondhand reports. There is only so much garbage one can take from the BBC.

  7. I think the reporter-girl in the red dress might be thinking about waking up. You could see the gears turning in her head… It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. I mean, here is a huge gang of people in evil-looking black disguises, chanting the worst possible things about the very country she loves, and the mainstream media keeps saying it’s six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other, we’re just as bad, it isn’t happening, you’re a racist if you think this is wrong. I believe that everyone involved in the mainstream media should spend the next few decades in blue uniforms as they serve out their sentences for failing to report the news and for treason. Every single person in that march should be arrested immediately and never allowed to threaten the British populace again. It’s so out in the open, this should be a no-brainer.

  8. It’ll take a little more time, but eventually I hope to pack up and move to another place. A prerequisite for that place will be that there it is a MUSLIM FREE zone.

  9. There are no ‘Muslim free’ zones. But there are areas which allow individualism to a greater degree than other places, meaning you are allowed to defend yourself from islam.

    For example, New Hampshire and Texas. Either one of those places would be somewhere to at least take a stand.

    • Texas is not a Muslim Free zone anymore. The Muslim community north of Dallas is exploding, and mosques are going up all over the place, some looking more like fortresses then places of worship. It has been reported that a huge number of them are entering through Mexico, hence another issue with an open border policy our present government can’t seem to close.

  10. Radical muslims make me sick to my stomach. If they don’t like the UK they should leave and go back to Pakistan or Iran. If I saw those burkad bitches ever spoke to a woman like that, I would step in to her defense. The muslim bitch would wish she never dissed her again. To all those muslim women out there, I say… Fuck you!

  11. The media as always pandered to multiculturalism and the loony left wing liberals.
    They are very worried because the right is on the move and can not be stopped.
    People have had enough. Their backs are to the wall, they are sick of the race tag, they are sick of the crime, they are sick of loosing their country, their city’s, their streets, in short, they are sick of the mess that weak politicians has done to them and their children.

  12. The lady in red should of allowed the woman to answer the question then to interupt. You should first ask the protestors why are you protesting, learn the full story then make judgments. Some members of the British police are racist to blacks, asians and they have oppressed and mistreated Muslims and they got away with it, the other members of the police dont do anything, they give the racist police the green light. So I wont blame people who have been oppressed or their friends were oppressed for saying British police burn in hell. As for the Brit troops they have killed innocent civillians in Iraq, Iraq didnt have WMD so they whole war was wrong in the first place, the Brit troops have killed the brave Iraqi troops who were defending their country, they deserve the treatment they got in the Luton demo.

  13. Slater I agree with you. In fact, based on that old expression, ‘there is no revenge like living well” I think Muslims should do much much more than march around chanting “British police burn in hell” and should really teach those filthy kuffar a lesson and pack up and move one and all to an Islamic paradise like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, now Egypt etc. You have so many to choose from after all.

    Think how green with envy the filthy unbelievers will be when they see the peaceful productive paradise you will be in, creating invention and art and social programs and new-better agriculture and maybe someday the Muslims will colonize the stars. Won’t that make the British wish you had stayed there. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. So don’t march around in Luton chanting at the unbelievers. Move to a Muslim nation as is your obligation in Koran somewhere that is probably abrogated by another obligation to subjugate the Dar-Al-Harb but meanwhile, create the ‘Paradise of Peace’ in an Islamic land and teach us pigs and apes and heretics and infidels how much better you all are.

  14. The documentary was extremely disturbing for white English people. Especially when the muslim guy said he had not seen a white face for days and it was like living in an Islamic country! No wonder a huge majority including myself now want them to leave.
    How has this been allowed to happen. Who gave permission for them to build their mosques here in our Christian country? They obviously hate us and our country so I genuinely don’t understand what they are doing here. It is outrageous nothing is being done about it. It should be headline news. Why can’t we get some backbone like france.
    Well done to the leader of the English Defence League, what a brave guy.

  15. I’d like to say that as a born and bred Lutonian, half white and half asian, I am not on any ‘side’ of religion. This is just stupidity. I can see this was also filmed about two years ago during the marching and I can definitley say Luton is not like this at all. I love this town ,myself, friends and family have never come across most of the behaviour shown in this documentary. In every town within England, there is always a good few who preach their unwanted extremism and it’s such a shame that it’s against innocent people. As on the presenting, it just didnt make any sense as they failed to show more of a view from the white english people, just because people don’t agree with the extremism, it doesn’t make them racist or a member of the edl.

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