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One Reply to “Scando-tards riot after telling police they will refrain from violence in Norway”

  1. I fail to see what is so inherently evil about a nation NOT taking in so-called muslim assylum seekers. They do nothing but cause problems for the host country, and yet the leftists are so pussified and squeemish when it comes to any type of national dialog to discuss the issue in a clear, direct, and objective manner. As far as they are concerned, discussion is to be suppressed. The left is engaged in lockstep manner in a mad orgy of cultural suicide like so many lemmings with marching orders towards the cliff. It is the fault of the political left that native Norwegian females feel the need to dye their hair dark so they don’t end up rape victims. This is reprehensibly irresponsible and downright seditious.

    The only people from muslim countries who should be given assylum are the indigenous non-muslim groups who are actively oppressed such as muslim apostates, Egypt’s Copts, Iraq’s Chaldean Catholics, or any other than islam faith traditions. The muslims created their own mess in their own countries and they can all rot and die for all I care. Lord knows, the world would much better off without them, and I wouldn’t shed a single tear!

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