Iranian failed suicide bomber blows his pants off in Bangkok Feb 14

H/T Snaphanen

Someone should have told him that yes, in Bangkok it is common for foreign tourists to take their pants off in the daytime, but while a bit slower, removing them manually usually gives more satisfying results in the long run.

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3 Replies to “Iranian failed suicide bomber blows his pants off in Bangkok Feb 14”

  1. If this were the Ontario Teachers’ Federation he’d still get his 72 virgins because all the kids pass even if in fact they’re failures.

    Say, what’s the muslim equivalent of the nickname “stumpy?”

  2. I should feel sorry for this guy, but I don’t. The scumbag deserved what he got. He intended to kill and maim others and wouldn’t have shed a single tear, had he been successful. In fact he would have probably believed that he was a good man for doing so and would have been proud of it. He’s just another Koran-utang idiot. This video should be broadcast around the World as an example of what Islam does to people!

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