David Suzuki as well as real scientists on AGW and more.

Here is an article by Melanie Phillips on a recant by a real climate scientist.

Melanie Phillips:

 7 February 2012

The compelling case against Ed Davey

Published in: Daily Mail

True to my warning yesterday in the Daily Mail, the new Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has dashed the naive hope that he would end the Coalition’s suicidal green fanaticism and return Britain to Planet Reality over man-made global warming.  As the Times (£) reported today, he used his first few hours in his new job to tell the 100+ Tory MPs who are in revolt over wind farms effectively to take a running jump. Insisting he was a ‘lifelong supporter’ of wind power, he argued that the case for it was ‘compelling’ and that Britain’s energy production must be ‘clean and green’.

How unfortunate, then, that on the very same day news comes from Germany — the historical shrine, indeed the fons et origo, of deep ecology — that one of Germany’s high priests of the religion of greenery has recanted, and that renewable energy has catastrophically failed (hat tip Anthony Watts).

As the Global Warming Policy Foundation reports a new book, Die Kalte Sonne, written by Prof Dr Fritz Vahrenholt and geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning, has caused a sensation even in advance of its official publication yesterday. For Prof. Vahrenholt, a renewable energy expert, was one of the fathers of the modern German green movement and believed everything preached by the IPCC. But according to Focus magazine, he is now a far sadder and wiser man:

‘Doubt came two years ago when he was an expert reviewer of an IPCC report on renewable energy. “I discovered numerous errors and asked myself if the other IPCC reports on climate were similarly sloppy.”

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  1. Prof. Vahrenholt, is a chemist, Lüning(Blackshale) a geologist; vocations both, that have dubious understanding of much else, especially that of the living world, yet they have helped to establish and substantiate some very lurid thought and rationalizations about it, throughout their short, modern history as positivistic sciences. Geology’s most notable and infamous adjunct was and still is the eugenics movement, which I’m sure you have heard of. Francis Galton, the father of eugenics, used the very same techniques and insights that geologists still use today, when arrogantly ascertaining, what lay beneath one’s skin and inside a person’s soul. Through anomalous outcrops and various telling surface colorations on the ground, geologists can deduce what lay beneath. Likewise for a convinced Galton, who was also looking for what lay beneath and found gold in the white faces, blond hair and blue eyes of his fellow countrymen, but obviously not all of them. People with dark skin, hair and eyes, well you know where they went, as did the Nazis, when determining their racist policies, against so-called degenerates, Jews and lesser human beings. We know all about this sad episode in our past, the pain and suffering and especially what side of history these foolish, selfishly ignorant people now stand. I hope you know where you stand, because everyone else will!. Do yourself a favour and listen to some real climate scientists, not geologists, chemists or ambulance chasers like Ezra Levant.

  2. You mean like Dr. Tim Ball, paleo-climatologist? Or the climatologists in Denmark that did the cloud-cosmic ray theory that actually has predictive value? Are you also trying to make the case that anyone who questions the orthodoxy of AGP is a Nazi?

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