First Nations group from British Columbia is asking the Chinese government to raise human rights record with Stephen Harper

If this doesn’t piss you off, it should. I dare, double dare any ‘first Nations’ peoples to live for a year like a Tibetan and then tell me there is any comparison. Amer-Indians have more rights and get tons of cash for nothing in Canada and pay no taxes and get first dibs on jobs over  qualified people not to mention grants for anything at all with less hassle.

To dare try and get Harper lectured to by China on their behalf is sick to the point of sociopathic. China tortures and kills large numbers of people for political opinions not in sync with the regime. Amer-Indians make huge government cash for protesting against Government policies that actually pay them both ways, implemented and stopped.

These people should be profoundly ashamed of themselves. But, as I said, sociopathic.

(If you search Sun News Network Videos, there are several where Ezra Levant expose protesting indians who are getting paid by foreign political lobbies to protest Canadian pipelines which actually have no impact on their lives whatsoever but have paid them hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t have the time to find them now, but I did link an interesting and related one above.)

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Will China take Stephen Harper to task for Canada’s record on human rights?

By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – 4 hours ago

    It’s expected that prime minister Stephen Harper will raise the issue of China’s human rights record this week while meeting with government officials in the middle kingdom.

    But will China take Canada to task for its record on human rights?

    In an ironic twist, a First Nations group from British Columbia is asking the Chinese government to raise the issue with Stephen Harper.

    In an open letter to Chinese President Hu Jin Tao,  the Yinka Dene Alliance, comprised of five First Nations communities in central British Columbia, suggest their human rights are being violated at the hands of the Canadian government.

    “We are writing to you to request that you raise our human rights concerns with Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. We understand that you will meet with him in China this week. From previous public reports we know that Prime Minister Harper always challenges your country on the human rights record. Open dialogue around human rights is a very positive way to create change and we hope that you to hear our side of the story before this meeting occurs,” notes the letter signed by Chiefs from the alliance’s five first nations.

    “Aboriginal communities in Canada live at the margins of society conditions. Recently the community of Attawapiskat was highlighted in the news for the extreme conditions with lack of housing, running water and sewage. Attawapiskat is one of more than 100 First Nations communities in Canada that face this reality. These conditions violate the adequate standard of living guaranteed by theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights.”

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    2 Replies to “First Nations group from British Columbia is asking the Chinese government to raise human rights record with Stephen Harper”

    1. They have one hell of a nerve. They lost the original battle and are still being paid off. I’m sick to death of them and their non-accountability for the billions in funds they’ve sucked off the tax rolls. It’s time these perpetual victims & whiners had to go it on their own. This was the LAST straw for me, I will not support anything aboriginal from here on in.

    2. Why not ask the dozens and dozens of educators who have for the last 30 years tried to be cool by working at reserve schools until they could no long stand the extreme pressure of the child neglect, the drugs, the putrid conditions in the homes, filthy and the lazy, alcoholic mentality of the parents, what an fng joke this is, to talk about rights of people in China, what about their own children and the sick, sad and sorry conditions they have themselves created on their reserves….. And by the way, I have two very very close friends who are by birth North American Indians, who have high level education and positions in this society and culture, and they would totally agree with any statement I made above about the inhuman conditions for children on Canadian Reserves…..
      What MP has the guts to call these assholes to account?????

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