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8 Replies to “Tommy Robinson today at Leicester 2012”

  1. Whenever Tommy speaks, he speaks the truth. I just wish more Brits would listen & take action.

    The judge in this case needs to be removed from the bench and there needs to be some sort of appeal about the completely biased & unjust sentence for those muslim b*tches. I wouldn’t rest until every stone had been turned over.

    Power to the EDL, Britain’s only hope, cause it sure as hell ain’t the cowardly, lazy masses.

  2. What the hell is wrong with those coppers,beating people who are only trying to oppose something that might hopefully in the future better there own interests? What will they be telling there own children if god forbid in the future we are all living under sharia law and there kids ask them “what did you do daddy/mummy to try and stop this from happening”? answer “i helped beat them into submission?”……I am totally at a loss.

  3. Doesn’t anyone in the EDL know any of the police personally that they can talk to them (like someone with a family member) and find out what is up with the police culture these days?
    Sometimes it seems they aim to protect EDL but other times not so much.

    On a local level, the police in the US are less closely allied with our military so I would hope they would be likely to support an EDL equivalent.

    Here in the US it’s the other way around (the police have their heads on straight) bc the ones protesting who always get arrested is the Occupy! crowd (UAF equiv)

  4. E E EDL, EDL EDL, I will make this one high on my list, to get over to visit friends in Britain so that I can coordinate it with one of the EDL marches…..

    Never surrender and keep it up EDL

    I just read Ezras new book on that psychotic terrorist Omar Khadr, who will soon b e back in Canada, and out on the streets, likely sueing us to pay another 10 million like that last fake psychotic creep that took us all for his fake claim that he was tortured in Syria, while he actually is just some type of spy who like the many dual islamic so Called canadians travel back and forth from their putrid countries, plotting the destruction of this great nation while using the benefits while they can…

    One of the tactics now in use by the islamics in most cities is to video any decenters, whether at protests or whereever, then utilize these at their mosques to put ‘heads up on all those critical of their sick cult psychotic movement’

    Shockingly in Ezras book, he noted that a group run by some wacked out professor at Kings college, gathered 700 supporters of this creepy terrorist Khadr, on the streets of Edmonton in 2008, Are these people insane, yes, but there is a growing number of them and they have specific guidelines in how to muster up support, community support and how to get into positions of influence and power so as to promote their ideology.

    The EDL will not be fooled by these vermin, unlike the appeasing single celled ameoba that inhabit most of this city and other cities in Canada

    E E EDL xoxoxoxoxoxox

  5. One just can’t help but thinking on El Ingles’ famous essay: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2008/04/surrender-genocide-or-what.html

    Muslims probably think that the patience and endurance of westerners has no limits, and that they can do simply anything they want against them, because they are fully backed by the western governments themselves who exercise the most brutal repression against their own citicens. Oh, and of course that eternal “siegheilfascistnazi” idiocy of the damned leftist/multiculturalist traitorous sectors of the western societies… one could really have get much more caustic in the video when addressing to such… such… people. One really wishes one could be there to somehow back the E.D.L. and make muslims clear that soon no force on earth will be capable of tying our hands back anymore and stopping us from protecting our ever-decreasing descendancy.

    May God lead Robinson and co. to the triumph.

  6. Pushing back against this Islamic cancer is slowly but gradually growing, thanks mostly on people like Tommy Robinson. God be with him and those like him.

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