Police arrest young Muslim man in acid attack on Hindu girl in Mumbai

From People of Shambhala.
Railway police in northwest Mumbia arrested a male youth after hew threw acid on a a young woman’s face at a suburban railway station on Tuesday.

“The accused, identified as Pintoo Sheikh, has been arrested by the railway police. He had thrown acid on the victim, identified as Aarti Thakur, at Goregaon railway station yesterday,” an officer at the Borivli Railway Police Station is reported as saying.

The incident occurred just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday when Aarti was talking on her cellphone at the railway station. She was on her way… read more.

One Reply to “Police arrest young Muslim man in acid attack on Hindu girl in Mumbai”

  1. Once the acid is thrown and the target is reached , it’s too late. What are they doing to curb these attacks. Are the penalties stiff enough to make these savages think twice before committing these barbaric acts?

    Stupid question, right? After all we’re talking about protecting women in a muslim country where males oppress and abuse them on a daily basis as a matter of “culture” and “religion”.

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