Interesting new ring tones circulating on the net

These are interesting. It appears that someone or several people are making ‘Islamophobic’ ring tones. So far, I have found American, Canadian and Danish ones. I have a feeling more are out there.




Canadian ring tone     


Danish ring tone     


Australia ringtone     


British Ringtone     


French Ringtone     


iran ringtone_01     

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11 Replies to “Interesting new ring tones circulating on the net”

  1. Yes, it could be construed as Islamophobic – yes it may be in bad taste, but these ring tones rock!
    More proof that Westerners (real red-blooded Westerners, not fake cowardly lefty ones that is) are getting fed up of Islamic bully-boy terrorism. I’m downloading these ring tones now and sending them to trusted friends.

  2. If I got to listen to one of those every once in a while it would definitely brighten up my day. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. I wish I could make one. I want one that starts with allahu akhbar like those above, then comes some excerpt from a speech by Ahmadinnerjacket which slowly morphs into a speech by Hitler.

  4. It’s great that there is an Iranian one too. I expect that it’s designed for all the proud Persian patriots who are sick to death of the Mad Mullah regime over there.
    Here’s to a free Iran, free from Islam and free from tyranny!

  5. Yes Bob. It is my understanding that this particular music the IRI really despise. While most Iranians do not want to see a return to the Shaw, they enjoy how much that tune annoys the IRI

  6. Robin:

    The problem with that is, your ring tone might suggest to people that you like both those people, as opposed to you mocking them. The idea of morphing Imadinnerjacket into Hitler is a good one and would work in video though. But as a ring tone these tell a sweet story of triumph over evil.

  7. Those are variants of the original USA one. The ones here use the Canadian C7, a favorite rifle amongst the Canadian troops in Afghanistan and I believe that ring tones have to be limited to 10 seconds as a general rule.

    But the main thing is, to have as many people as possible have one of these as their ring tone to signal defiance and contempt for the fascist and anti-western ideology which is Islam.

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