1. His closing was actualy the best, Israel will strike first, the world will openly condem them but privately thank God they did it. And why would Israel trust the west to back them up, they never have until its almost too late too many times. If iran gets nukes all hell will break loose and the leftards in the west will sit there, after all these and other warnings, say, “gee we never saw that comming, noone ever warned us this would happen”.

    The other statement he made which is perfect, “If someone says they want to commit genocide against you, believe them”.

  2. he’s right about our diplomats/politicians; nowhere will you find a bigger bunch of two faced and untrustworthy scum as here.
    the uk seems to have badly infected europe with its yellow souled suits.
    i cant help thinking that our fraudster so-called diplomats still think appeasement is a workable solution to the worlds problems.
    give them an inch……………..

  3. Those Arabs sure have us tied up in knots, don’t they? They’ve got our leaders in headlocks over oil availability, and they have our foreign correspondents trained to bark on command under threat of instant deportation if they don’t obey and follow the muslim narrative. They’ve signed memorandums of understanding with every left-of-center group they can find. Have you ever wondered how and why the garbage-men and janitors and park-clean-up-guys of Canada are so interested in the Middle East and so uniformly on the side of the Palestinian Arabs? CUPE’s fawning support of the establishment of a Caliphate is one of the wonders of the world, condidering most of those guys probably don’t even know what the word “Caliphate” means. Somehow, they’ve gotten to CUPE, obviously.

    Oh, and don’t forget the school teachers, at the ready to subtly sway the children to a pro-Arab, anti-Israel perspective. Ain’t it grand? And don’t forget the “environmentalists”, arguing for all they’re worth to prevent the United States from achieving energy independence by switching exclusively to Canadian oil.

    And, of course, if you want to find out about Arab culture, they own every Middle Easter Studies course on the continent, courses that are willing to lie to you right up to the PhD level. And still, the average lefty will maintain that it’s all in your head and that the only pressing problems we face are anthropogenic global warming and too many rich guys. Sigh…

  4. Its 1939 all over again and neville chmberlain resides in the white house.
    Didn’t take long to miss gw did it?
    The left never have and never will “get it”. Sean hannity

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