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5 Replies to “British Muslim group finds anti-terror activity annoying. Wants to keep working to keep England Muslim”

  1. When it comes to one radical group being criticised by the moderates, it’s hard to know which is genuine naivety and which is taqiyya.
    All I can say to Abu Hajar, however, is what needs to be said to others of his ilk,
    “Get a shave, have a wash, get a job and stop going outside the house in your pyjamas!”

  2. i think the police should stop pussyfooting around and treat these hate filled scum in a more appropriate manner ie; batter them remorslesly.

  3. I like how he used democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of religion as a justification to denounce democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Hiding behind the very rights he wants to deny others.

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