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2 Replies to “Rushdie invitation-to-speak-in-India issue escalates”

  1. Of course none of the suboids howling like monkeys over this have actually read the book in question. So how the uckyfay do they know they would be offended by it? The people currently telling them to bay like rabid baboons certainly didn’t read it either. And neither did anyone who was involved in the original fatwa.

    Each one of them should be held down with their eyes peeled open Clockwork Orange style and force to read every word.

    What they really care about is that non muslims are trying to do something that self proclaimed muslim authorites don’t want them to.

    It was always my impression that the satanic verses were based upon what is in the source material. Muhammad did prance around naked in front of people more than once and the original ban on alcohol was only that people should not be drunk while praying.

    The books title is specifically about the doctrine of abrogation. That is something muslim authorities did NOT want the general non msulim world to be aware of. Indeed, for hundreds of years they forbid muslims travelling to non muslim countries to carry korans with them for fear that a westerner would find one and have it translated. According to shariah law giving away what they call “their secrets” is punishable by death.

    Educating the western world about the doctrine of abrogation at a time when nobody knew anything about islam would certainly qualify as giving away “their secrets” and was certainly one of the reasons for the fatwa.

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