A sportsman with a great sense of humor.

You know, if Muslim groups had two brain cells to rub together they would ignore stuff like this and people would stop doing it. But as far as stuff like this is concerned, this is very funny.

Add to that, the right to criticize and even mock irrational religious authority was itself a sacred thing until the left realized that the destructive force of Islam was far greater than their own, so defending the Islamic, ‘pseudo-right’ not to be offended suited their purpose better than the one we should all agree on, which is freedom of speech.


Andrew Wu

January 27, 2012

Rodney HoggBad taste … Rodney Hogg. Photo: Angela Milne

RODNEY HOGG took fans ”inside the mind of a lunatic fast bowler” in his autobiography and did so again yesterday with a Muslim slur that has landed him in controversy.

The outspoken former Test cricketer, who terrorised batsmen during his six-year international career, was forced to duck and weave after delivering a tweet described as ”more than despicable” by the leader of an Islamic group.

”Just put out my Aussie flag for Australia Day but I wasn’t sure if it would offend Muslims … So I wrote ‘Allah is a shit’ on it to make sure,” Hogg tweeted at about noon yesterday.

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