Leftist rapper speaks about Danish politics

Before you watch this, it isn’t a bad idea to make a mental inventory of why the left, generically speaking, claims to hate what it refers to as ‘the far right’ (although in fact it is more classically liberal than anything) and then ask how this person is not an example, and an excellent one at that, of what he claims to despise.

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  1. The very reason why I have always been wary of the left ,(even though I identify myself with socialism to a certain extent) is the knowledge that they are the first to start putting people to the wall.They despise the very people they say they represent,considering themselves superior intellectually and that they know how to run the comman man’s life. They consider themselves morally above all others ,when in fact they are the most opinionated,beougoise people that they claim to be against. I call them Champagne socialists. ”I am educated and know better than you.I will defend your rights and once I have I shall go to my second home in the country,talk dialectics with my friends over a nice bottle of Bordeaux and a plate of serrano ham.”

    Bunch of c***t’s.

  2. Oh! and as far as the rapper is concerned he is just a silly stoned boy who has landed himself in trouble no doubt with the very people I was talking about.

  3. And, just as a reminder, here is what Pia Kjaersgaard and the Danish People’s Party stand for. Unlike the beliefs of the little rapping skinhead, there is nothing fascist, racist, tyrannical, violent or murderous about this.

    And if that little dirtbag wishes to experience first hand what its (not his) beliefs are like in real life, a few months in Cairo, Islamabad, Karachi, Sanaa or Mogadishu would go a long way… But I fear that, after such an experience, it would be hard for that kind of fascist blabber to continue to be vomited as it was on the video.

  4. “ohhhhhhhh!God!!!!” said,
    “even though I identify myself with socialism to a certain extent”

    I don’t understand socialism leftist principles at all.

    At the very root of their belief which it is never spoken about on either side is they take from the working class and poor to give too the rich and the rich help them.
    This IS their basic principle. Where they tax the working class which includes the poor and distribute it back through big business.

    Socialism is the antithesis of robin hood.

    Socialism relies on extremely gullible people to believe they are helping the weak and the poor. It is the biggest scam in human history were older religions comes in second.

  5. I think the real danes more consider him as a “dane”. A foreigner with a danish citizenship. No way that he will ever become danish or any other western nationality for that matter. Most danes probably view him as a “perker”, a denigrating expression for these kind of non-integrated immigrants.

  6. you can help the weak and the poor without being gullible.You can help them understand that work allows you to be free as long as those employing the people dont take the piss.I havent got the answer but I know that from the poor to the rich are those that take advantage of any given system.There has to be balance in any system.Maybe because of being human there never will be.This is where the left fail.They believe they can have a utopian society that will one day be able to bring Islam into its circle.They are wrong.Some people will always be beyond the pale and once you recognize that you can work on this realistic basis and not a dream that will turn into a nightmare.

  7. ohhhhhhhh!God!!!! said, “you can help …”

    Of course you can it has been working this way for thousands of years. But once the government gets involved it inevitably will always become a scam. It doesn’t matter how noble the original intentions start out eventually greed always win out.

    Just remember the greedy love socialism.

    said, “Some people will always be beyond the pale”

    None of us like the idea of government making that decision and this is the reason we include the evil. Rather then excluding the evil as government has tried in the past we live with evil.

  8. I should clarify a basic primes of mine

    greed is the only man made virus that destroys civilization.
    Any and every system would work without greed even a theocracy based on Islam.

    Without greed Islam primes of domination of the world goes out the window.
    Of course those of us on this site know Islam encourages greed.

    The best system of government is one were greed has a difficult time of growing.
    Socialist have a Utopian belief of stopping greed before it takes root which is laughable.

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