Dutch man with no description in “long white robe” stabs several people,

Well, we should all be used to this by now. The news is more to confuse us than to inform us. A man who they will not describe has been arrested for stabbing many people all of sudden for no reason. It is claimed he is ‘schizophrenic’. (This determination seems to have happened a lot faster than the one still underway about Anders Breivik in Norway)

Below is a screen cap from this google translation. Click over to read the updates and the stunning lack of information in all the words there. It is probably not a new art to speak a lot and say little but modern journalism has certainly been perfecting it.

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According to this twitter link, witnesses on the scene said the killer was ‘a foreign man in a long white robe and a black jacket’. Sounds like a Mormon fanatic to me. Doesn’t it?

My Dutch source on all this tells me that all cases of ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ by Moroccan Muslims is always referred to as by “schizophrenics”. Frankly I think institutes for the rights of the mentally disabled really should sue these journalists for defamation, as I think that Chinese, Japanese and Korean organizations should sue (especially) British journalists for referring to Muslim-motivated crime as “Asian”.

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5 Replies to “Dutch man with no description in “long white robe” stabs several people,”

  1. The violence is starting to build, the big question is how long will it be before the private citizens of the European nations start fighting back?

  2. Richard they will ban caffeine before they start fighting back. They will blame anything and everything before they will ever admit the real reason for these events.

  3. It appears as I just said on Twitter that people may need to start carrying weapons – especially over in Europe. Not at that point here in Australia as yet. I personally don’t require any wherever I go but before long it looks like open war will come whether governments declare it or not.

    As for the above report. Wish I’d been at the coffee shop that day. No doub’t Osama’s mate, would have been fair game for me in my book…

    Ross Lloyd

  4. People need to start carrying weapons every where in the world, that is the only way we are going to remain free.

    Eeyore the governments will wait for a long time, the ordinary people are another matter.

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