Ex-Israeli intel chief says Iran can build a bomb


The reactor building of Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant stands just outside the port city of Bushehr. Photo Credit:AP

A former Israeli military intelligence chief says Iran has all the components to build a nuclear bomb, an Israeli newspaper reported Thursday.

It was not clear whether Amos Yadlin, who retired in November 2010, was referring to the mechanical elements of a bomb or implying the Iranians have sufficient weapons-grade uranium, a critical ingredient for bombmaking. …

“If the Iranians get together tonight and decide to secretly develop a bomb, then they have all the resources and components to do so,” Yadlin told Maariv. … On Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Iran has not started to actually make bombs because that could draw harsher international sanctions and other actions against it.

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  1. From the wording of the statement he is saying they have enough weapons grade fissile material to build a bomb. They are probably waiting until they have enough to assemble several at the same time, they want to be able to hit several cities at the same time. The best guesses I hear are saying that they will probably have enough to start a war some time this summer.

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