Brainwashing in Norway. Seven aspects.

Here is a documentary on what appears to be political brainwashing in Norway in seven parts. I will post them here as each one becomes available.

For those of you with the ability to download, it might be a good idea to grab this while you can. It came to us through a series of people so I don’t know the back-story on it but as the whole thing is over 3 hours, I am guessing it was a series meant for TV. I have no idea if it was ever broadcast in Norway or not. And frankly, I have not seen all of it yet myself, just bits. But what I have seen I liked very much. Please watch, enjoy, comment.

Part I Gender Equality:

Part II The Parental Effect:

Part III ‘Gay/Straight’

Part IV Violence

Part V ‘Sex’ (try not to watch this one first)

Part VI ‘Race’

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  1. I don’t know if this has been sent on TV. But the journalist has last year made scandal with another series, treating “gender research”. Truly liberating, destroying many contemporary political correct meanings about gender. Shortly: Gender is not so much “social construction” as “progressive theories” pretend. Mother nature is more determinating. This new program – after a short look – criticises another element of the politically correct: gender equality. In no other country there has been done so much to create a real equality between man and woman. But, in spite of all efforts, much research, many projects and many laws set in place against “discrimination” and for equality, nothing has really happened. Quite funny!

  2. Continuation: men are still ingeneers, and women are nurses. We have had men as nurses, but they dissapear quickly. Women in Norway are as traditionnal in their choise of work now, than when all the campaining for non-traditionnal work for women began. They have also more children than before. We often read portraits about extremly qualified women – as ingeneers, economists, etc – who give up their career to be home with children, while the man is working. All of this is very funny, comic, thinking of all the political correctness and all the gouvernement, especially leftist propaganda there has been for gender equality and the farewell to traditionnal gender “roles”.

  3. I believe that it was during the second world war that the Soviets decided to force the issue with gender equality and made tons of women go to engineering schools. One of the reasons of course was the men were all away fighting. Unlike Western communists, they didn’t change the criteria for graduation or passing in order to force a statistical equality of result and instead assumed that their theories were accurate and they would have tons of qualified female engineers.

    The facts support the Western experiment as well. Only about 10% of the women graduated as I recall. I’m sure a reader here can correct my numbers and dates but the overall example is correct.

  4. Correction: I look at it now. Perhaps I have made a minor mistake: I believe this is the first and original TV-series that made scandal last year (which I did not see), not a new. But I’m not sure.

  5. This series was put on Norwegian TV, and it caused a huge and intense rebate in Norway on the issues it deals with. The series is probably the single biggest contributor to the fact that gender studies at Norwegian unis got scrapped recently. Literally; the gender studies courses and programs lost all their funding as far as I understood it.

  6. The fact that men and women are biologically different is of course bloody obvious to all. But it says a lot as to how far gone the West is that even in this documentary the presenter must at first express dismay over the ‘old fashioned’ and ‘sexist’ attitudes of the man who says ‘engineering is a male thing’.
    The West has wasted vast sums in its attempts to ‘equalise’ the sexes, taking as its basis the unproven and irrational notion that gender differences are cultural. In fact all the evidence points away from this. Nor was there a great clamour for this amongst even those who were ‘oppressed’ by it, but a tiny band of middle-class privileged female fanatics decided to impose it on society against its wishes.
    Despite a half century long propaganda war being beamed out of all Liberal outlets, such as Hollywood and the BBC, showing female engineers and male nurses, the great mass of people still realise this is nonsense.

  7. Next time someone tells me that men and women are identical except by socialization, I will ask them, ‘So, if a man and a woman have sex, then its 50 50 which one of them will have the baby right? I mean, the man is as likely to get pregnant as the woman is, right?’

    It is the ultimate elephant in the room when people try and pull that wool.

  8. Norway is commie. Soft commie, in the sense that they choose ridicule, ostracism and loss of social standing if you leave the narrative instead of the gulag and no matter what the facts are, but its totalitarian communism either way.

    They seem to object to Darwinian theory and prefer a more Lysenco based evolutionary theory exactly like the soviets where one tries to prove the desired outcome rather than search for truths and disprove them for better science. It also seems that even when faced with proof of the inaccuracy of the Norwegian communist narrative, they stoically stick to it and try and diminish the people who do actual science.

    I also find it interesting that I am no longer surprised by this, but am pleased that for the moment at least, some science can be done in the USA, although that is also diminishing by the month, as NASA’s new mission to tell the world how all great science is actually Islamic should tell us.

  9. That these programmes have been made and ‘equality’ units have been scrapped is a cause for optimism, however. If reality is beginning to dawn even in PC Norway, perhaps the rest can follow suit.

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