Iran arrests fashion designers; wants to impose uniform on women

From People of Shambhala

I was struck, about a year ago, when I heard an Iranian activist complain that Western media “goes on about” the restrictions on fashion. Perhaps she thought it trivialized the plight of Iranian girls and women. It is a state, after all, in which they are systematicallyraped by guards and police after arrest for such “crimes” as protesting in support of greater democracy — or any democracy at all.

But to those of us in the West accustomed to wearing whatever we want, the idea of “morality police” arresting women for showing the front of their hair, or for wearing clothing deemed to be too colorful and life-affirming, is extremely sinister and indicative of the nature of the perverse and totalitarian Government that oppresses its people.

Nearly 70 percent of Iran’s 78 million people are under 35 years-old. They overwhelming want… read more.

5 Replies to “Iran arrests fashion designers; wants to impose uniform on women”

  1. Am I supposed to feel sorry for these Muslims ?

    Or outraged or anything else.

    Well I bloody well do not.

    I do not care what happens to them because at the root of the problem is Islam with all its represents.

    Unless and until they change this and become more like civilised human beings the problems will remain.

    But there is little or no chance of this happening so let them stifle in their corrupt, dictatorial ignorant filth.

    After all Allah will look after them, if not in this life then in the next or so they hope.

    I just don’t want them in the West.

    Full stop.

  2. I feel sorry for any group that is oppressed, this has to be the worst type of oppression, you aren’t allowed to chose what you will wear, this is an attempt to take away the individual identity of the women. Actions like this are to be expected in societies that are refusing to allow individual thought or rights, if the communists had been allowed to remain in power long enough this would have happened in the nations they controlled.

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