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11 Replies to “Tommy Robinson after a brief encounter with the religion of peace”


  2. He’s banged up pretty bad . . .and that’s only the head shots. Gov discussed a bruise on the brain (concussion) – don’t dismiss – in rare cases, a danerous blood clot may form on the brain and crowd the brain against the skull. If headaches get worse, weakness, numbness, slurred speech, sensitivity to light or sound, confusion, restlessness, agitation or decreased coordination &/or repeat vomitting develops . . .go back to the hospital immediately.

    The bottom photo illustrates swelling around his jaw (bump near ear)on the right, with his lower jaw appearing to be forced out of alignment, off center, slightly towards the left. TMJ injuries can be brutally painful and long lasting . . .hope his physicians/medical professionals are checking into it. Keep a close eye on Tommy and his family. They shouldn’t shoulder these challenges alone. We’re praying for a speedy and painless recovery Tommy. May God bless and keep you and yours protected in the coming challenging times.

  3. In an interview in the Swedish media the Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt said, when a swedish democrat (from Iraq I believe) was stabbed with a knife and assaulted for his beliefs by a leftist;
    “They should not be surprised if these things happens [when having views like that] ”

    What does the brittish pm say about Robinson?

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