Two speakers from moderate, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, recite genocidal hadith at conference

Lots of people are clinging tenaciously to the notion that Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood are somehow the horse to back as compared to perhaps, the Salafist party in Egypt.

Here is a segment from 2 clips of speakers from the M.B. at a major conference at Al Azhar in Cairo (we remember Al Azhar as that is where Obama gave his famous outreach speech shortly after being elected and given the Nobel Peace Prize) where At least two speakers at the Azhar rally recited the canonical hadith calling for Jew annihilation.

One was Abd al-Rahman al-Barr, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau [clip 1]

Shaykh Muhammad Mukhtar al-Mahdi, professor at Al Azhar and head of the Islamic Law Society, did so too [clip 2]

Thanks to Andrew Bostom and Translating Jihad for this one.

There is much more on this, and misinterpretations of this (which is why this was translated and titled by us) at this link.

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4 Replies to “Two speakers from moderate, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, recite genocidal hadith at conference”

  1. The delusional peace at any cost crowd is once again clutching at straws with their idea that the MB is a moderate group that will prevent violence, since most of the peace at any cost people aren’t religious and the others aren’t serious about their religion they think that all religious people are frauds. They believe that the Moslem leaders don’t really mean the violent things they are saying, that they are saying them only to gain power over the masses.

    The peace at any cost crowd was heavily involved in the Bush lied movement and are now starting to say that Iran has no intention of building a nuclear weapon or using one if they lay their hands on one.

    When someone says they are going to kill you or someone else take them seriously.

  2. Snow White is a better fairy story.
    All muzzies are nuts and should be destroyed before they destroy us, which intent they broadcast all the time!

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