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4 Replies to “Michael Coren and guest expose some of the horror and slaughter that face Christians in Islamic nations today”

  1. The persecution of Christians is ignored by the media because the left also hates Christians, they consider the persecution in the Islamic nations what the Christians deserve. Note the way some of the posters on the threads about religion compare anyone who is religions as being semi human at best.

  2. It is the rise of islam. Islam was quiet when the West was strong. Now the west is weak and the muzzies are falsely thinking they can get away with this. They are fools. The infidels are not just the weak westerners. The Indians and Chinese are infidels too and they deal with muzzies with an eye an eye style.

  3. A few years from now China will have the biggest economy. Death to China? Maybe. I think not. The muzzies do not do Death to China. With a muslim in the Whitehouse there is no need to be afraid. So Death to America. But China is whole nudder ting as the Irish say.

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