The MEK, Iran, and US terrorist watch list.

I get a lot of conflicting information about the group known as the MEK. (Mujahadeen E Kalk) I have even met several of them and interviewed one. They seem very personable, express a desire for a secular state that would be a state among nations like all others, with freedom and reason ruling the day. But then if you talk to Christians or Bahai in Iran, you get a different story, some saying that “The MEK hunt down Bahai like dogs” as one example.

I do know one thing.

The MEK are the one group the Islamic Republic of Iran are actually afraid of.

Below, a recent video clip from a former commander of Camp Ashraf in Iraq on the MEK and below that, a recent video of an MEK ceremony.

The clip below was sent to me by a good friend who was Persian (I use the term ‘Persian’ to distinguish people from that country who in fact are part of the excellent tradition of advancement and liberalism which was Iran before the revolution) and it is apparently the MEK conducting a ceremony of a religious nature.

Another more knowledgable friend of mine expressed it thusly:

“The MEK should be supported to help overthrow the IRI, but no one wants to see them in power”

Fair enough. It should be noted that they are on the terrorist watch list, only because Bill Clinton agreed to place them there to do the IRI a favor during a brief moment of false hope in negotiations with Iran.

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8 Replies to “The MEK, Iran, and US terrorist watch list.”

  1. Good god! Except these brown muzzies! We have enough of these people! Let them go back to their great civilisation! They can teach us a dance number called “Death to America” they dance to regularly. What happens when over here the call to Islam strikes them into another sudden jihad syndrom frenzy. They are even showed taking part in a religious ceremony for Allah’s sake. Boy they sure know how to dupe people. They even duped some people with the great civilisation bullshit. Fairly tale sellers and buyers! Wake up people. Do not buy any lies from any muzzie.

  2. This is a very regimented, disciplined group. They will say what they need to to get
    our support. Remember Taqiya? Lets not get any more deeply involved in the Muslim disputes. Doing so never benefits our side, and it’s left us broke. Remember the “arab spring”? This American officer is naive and gullible, something our enemies are counting on.

  3. I don’t know about this, I have heard a lot that is bad and a lot that is good about the MEK, what it probably boils down to is that they fight according to the 7th Century rules that the entire Islamic world uses.

    This is another case of the left betraying groups that help the US, they did it in Nam and are doing it in the Middle East there isn’t enough soap in the world to wash the blood of US allies that the left has betrayed off their hands. Now they are working to get more blood on them.

  4. Another thought, the Marine and others who have worked with the Moslems overseas and in the West are all products of an educational system that teaches that all cultures are equal and that all people want the same things. Without a firm grounding in the facts of history it is easy for them to be fooled by people who are trying to use us for their own benefit.

    I don’t know who is right and who is wrong in this mess, but I do know that it is wrong to betray people who have been helping us.

  5. The main thing is they are foreigners. Should the US and the western people not look after their own. Who cares what these people believe. Is it not the job of the government to look after its own interest and its own people? I too have heard good things about Kurds. But when over here they are the same muzzie bastards that I heard good things about when they were fighting the Turks and were in some training camp saying some very enlightened things about woman’s rights. In any case who cares. Should we not look after our own. Even if they are saying all the right stuff what business have they in coming here. They should say all the right stuff back in Iran. Their wonderful inbred Death to America country.

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