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3 Replies to “Charles Krauthammer debunks Obama’s rather peculiar claim that he has done more for Israeli security than any other admin.”

  1. heaven help us if that crackpot gets in for a second term, all the people who have never voted in their lives, all the illegal wetbacks, 20 million of them, and yes all the acorn voters, all of oprahs crowd, movie stars, will all be supporting this dilusional islamic lover for his second term and cementing the complete fall of the greatest nation in the history of the world…….if the republicans can’t get out the vote, we will all be doomed…..the only thing that can save the American economy now is a really big war, wish I were younger, I’d love to be flying one of those f-18s or 35’s, and unloading some of those missiles right in the heart of the so called ‘arab spring’, nightmare is more like it

  2. I agree with Charles Krauthammer these americans that think that Obama is on their side are all delusional just like all the jews were when Roosevelt was president and thought he was also with them. People should read the book “While Six Million died” and it will make you sick when you find out how Roosevelt could have saved so many jews during the war at a price of $8.00 a person but he didn’t lift a finger to help them.
    Jews always seem to vote democratic no matter what. I am a child survivor and I’m lucky I left in 1942 only with my father and uncle going to Cuba in 1942. I vote for the man and not the party and the quicker this man leaves washington the better.

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