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8 Replies to “UK police enjoy a bearded clam bake in front of the US embassy Dec 2 2011”

  1. One can only hope that they will recoup the cost of policing these idiots from Anjem Choudary. Oh no wait! I think he’s on welfare, isn’t he . . .

  2. No worries. The British will just half to increase his welfare payments by 450% so they can scoop back 10% a year till the security costs are paid off.

  3. The noisy idiot Choudary and his crew, with lots of help from MSM rags like The Daily Mail, are doing a bang-up job of awakening the Brits to the nasty reality and dire consequences of having Islam inflicted on their population. Thanks for your unintentional help “Andy” keep up the good work you silly little man.
    Interesting to note — not a peep about these arrests today in either The Mail or The Telegraph. However, Andy boy will probably be running his mouth about this “injustice” at the earliest opportunity.
    Great to see Plod harassing the Muzzies instead of the E.D.L. for a change, thanks Buck!

  4. Wow, was that the ‘small b’ british police finally arresting the real scum, with EDL taking photos, yikes, they must have been under false orders from the lunatics that have been running things

  5. whatever they do they can’t stop the slaves\ soldiers of ALLAH. the soldiers ALLAH will rise from every corner of the earth. ISLAM will rule British, Us and all of them who follow them INSHAALLAH.

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