MAC renames itself, plans demonstration at US embassy on Friday Dec 2 2011

They are getting better at video editing as well. This is a pretty slick production. I suppose in a year or two, the British goverment will ban this group as well and force Anclam Chowdery to get all new letterhead again. That’ll learn em.

Thanks EDL-buck

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  1. Sorry this is OT, can’t find a contact addy for Vlad.

    Another counter-jihad blog has come under attack by CAIR
    Terrorist front group CAIR attack on BARE NAKED ISLAM and it’s readers

    Here is the propaganda CAIR is circulating:

    Video Blog Threats Target Virginia Mosque (CAIR

    BNI will be a guest on Monday Nov 28th at 6:15 pm EST.

    The blog is currently on shutdown until this is resolved. If you wish to send a letter of support to WordPress for Bonni at Bare Naked Islam this is the addy

  2. Re: Above comment. You probably are aware that this tactic has been used against others as well. Anyone can post and persons seeking to discredit a source can themselves post threats and extremism and then use the post as a basis for complaints.
    Moderation of comments to ensure they comply with the law is absolutely necessary. It’s a Brevickitization-by-association and works to nutralize opposition.

  3. Tell her to switch to Blogspot instead. WordPress shut down a swedish anti-pislam blog this summer. If she haven’t backed up the old stuff I’ll look up the URL to one site where she can retrieve most of it anyway.

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