White Working Class Britons Feel Alienated And Disenfranchised, Claims Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report

I wonder why?

From The Huff Post:

White Working Class Alienated

Huffington Post UK   Dina Rickman   Posted: 28/11/11 00:00 GMT

Working class white Britons feel alienated, disenfranchised and last-in-line for resources such as social housing, according to research published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The report, which interviewed white working class people in Birmingham, Coventry and London found they felt disconnected from the political process and felt their voices were not heard.

Participants complained they could not express their opinions “because they’re ‘racist” or representatives in local government were not listening to them.

One woman from Aston said: “They are all Asian at the council – it’s like no one can understand us. It’s hard, a joke round here, I hate it.”

Some also complained resources were closed off to them and there was a widespread perception that those in other communities had preferential treatment for council houses.

Harris Beider, who authored the report said white working class people wanted to “be valued” and “connected to government”.

“It is important to confound the negative stereotypes and understand that people in these communities feel their voices are not listened to, and that they have no stake in their community. They want to be valued, heard and connected to government.”

Owen Jones, author of ‘Chavs: The Demonisation of the working classes’ said the report showed “just how voiceless and unrepresented many working-class communities are”.

“For example, I’m a writer, and I’m white, but I would never consent to the identity ‘white writer’. I’ve met countless people who proudly call themselves ‘working-class’, but never ‘white working-class’. Working-class communities also tend to be far more ethnically mixed than middle-class areas – and, particularly somewhere like London, lots of cultural mixing takes place. In lots of ways, ‘white working-class’ is an imposed label.”

Some participants complained of being stereotyped as “on the giro” or “thick” as a result of the working class label.
One woman from Birmingham said being working class was not about “money”: “It’s about people who have always worked, live in a council area and gfrown up with working class values”.

The findings come in the wake of a study by BritainThinks which warned that fewer than a quarter of Britons self-define as working class.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Chief Executive, Julia Unwin CBE, said: “We know there are real concerns that many people in traditional white working-class areas are becoming increasingly disconnected with the political system and feel their views, experiences and interests are ignored by policy makers. This research highlights the real potential we have to grasp opportunities to engage with and support many of those who feel let down and ‘last in line’.”

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4 Replies to “White Working Class Britons Feel Alienated And Disenfranchised, Claims Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report”

  1. Today’s political paradigm (which has been very successfully pushed by the New Left) is identity politics, and white Europeans are locked out of participation in indentity politics, so yes they are not only alienated, but purposely shut out of the current system of identity group patronage. They are unable to advocate for there interests and well being as they define them as to do so would see them demonized as racists, and penalized professionally and economically.

  2. The Euro is imploding.Shortly after that the EU will fold. The Muslim world thinks that it has the West on the run. Muslims over here feel that they have the whip.

    Its all going to end very badly for the Islamic world. I sometimes feel that they are being led to an ambush.

  3. DP111 I have read predictions that the euro has at best a couple of months before it implodes, and the EU supporters and bureaucrats will try more and more totalitarian moves to keep their socialist state alive. Britain has already send out warnings to the expats to expect violence when the euro falls.

    Yes it will end bad for the Moslems, if we aren’t very careful and very lucky it will end bad for civilization.

  4. For over ten years I have read about alienation of the white working class in study after study published by universities. The media never rarely picked up on these disturbing findings especially the UK white PC press. The middle class don’t give a shit about working class lives, until their property is affected as happenend in the recent riots. Nevertheless things are changing but very slowly and the working class will need to suffer more until their cause is picked up by the press. In many ways the working class got caught up in the easy money of the past and forgot they are second class citizens in the UK. They are seen by the educated middle-class as a type of sub-human who drink, shag and fight. To a very large degree the PC/multicultural policies of the Labour party have undermind working class values destroying communities and families through poor housing policies weakening and then blaming the working class for this situation they put them in. People say the middle class suffer from middle class guilt. because they treat the poor badly. Well I have never seen the middle class suffer from guilt. If anything they suffer from more greed and avarice. Moving on I beleive the working class are starting to move forward with the new freedom party and edl voicing their fears as well as ukip getting a little more notice but more needs to change. Either the voting system is changed away from first past the post or there will be more social unrest. It is obviuos to most that the 3 parties who are pandering to the Banks needs are not working. If there is eventually some power shift towards the working class parties I don’t know how this will affect the muslim population in the UK. If the working class voters eventually get seats in parliament hopefully all the protection for the religion of peace will evaporate. They,the muslims, will just have to be another minority with the same rights as other minorities. My guess is they won’t accept this because they are mentally retarded and violence will ensue. I hope this is the case because Islam is a type of cancer waiting to strike. I’d rather have it removed than lying dormant waiting for an opportunity to strike. The removal of islam and a Bristish working class identity depends on working class not voting Labour. I am not holding my breath but I hope their anger at there treatment by there very own people spurs them in the right direction.

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