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One Reply to “Frank Gaffney has a few words to say about Obama and a coming war of consequence”

  1. I agree with him on just about everything, but I think he is optimistic when he says the war will wait until next year.

    He is quite right about the Mullahs remaining in power if there is not outside interference, no oppressive regime that is willing to shed the blood of their citizens has ever been kicked out with out major outside help. The American revolution has France and Spain helping us, in the French Revolution the military refused to fire on the people and the regime fell. But in Iran the Revolutionary Guards are willing to kill anyone of any age to keep the Mullahs in power. The Soviet Union fell when it stopped shipping troops across the nation to keep what were in effect foreign troops in all major locations, troops that had no reason to think of the locals as their people and who would thus fire on the locals.

    I hope people were paying attention when he said that rather then helping Israel attack Iran it is more likely we would interfer and stop them, God help us all.

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