Iran denies explosion, claims it was a kitchen appliance

Wow I thought Japan was advanced but Iran must have fusion powered espresso machines.

Here is a report from PRESS TV denying  any explosion took place and STRATFOR just reported that a FARS news source claimed it was a kitchen appliance although I can’t find that link yet.

Thanks Tundra for the excellent image

An artists impression of an Iranian coffee machine,

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3 Replies to “Iran denies explosion, claims it was a kitchen appliance”

  1. Hahahaha… Those appliances are more likely to be for brewing tea, I guess, since mahoundian males’ favorite pastime when they’re not engaged in jihad, burning American flags or screaming “allahu akbar” is to sit around for hours, drink tea and weave conspiracy theories away… With that usual dead look in their eyes, which changes to rage every time they mention how the Jews are responsible for all the self-inflicted problems they’re talking about.

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