Fjordman: A message to all readers and donors to the relocation fund.

I keep getting questions about the Fjordman Relocation Fund. 

Yes, I have a bank account, but I prefer not to post that kind of information online. I do get the money if you donate it to this website via Paypal and mark it for me. People have generally been very generous. I am grateful for that. The first ones have already received thank-you emails. I will continue with this in December and perhaps into January to make sure that all donors with a working email address should receive an email from me.

I now have enough to cover the expenses associated with moving out of my old flat in Oslo, which I already did, and into a new location somewhere else. That was the primary goal of this fund drive, hence the name. Since people have been very generous I took the liberty of spending a little bit of the money also on paying legal costs. I hope people don’t mind this. I will have to deal with most of the legal costs later, but this is a start.

Since I technically speaking only had the status as a witness, albeit a “witness” who had his apartment ransacked and his computer equipment confiscated by the police, I have to cover all of the expenses for lawyers myself. Ironically, I would have enjoyed greater rights if I had been charged with something, which I was not.

According to the latest information I got from the police I have been checked out of the Breivik case as far as they are concerned. They didn’t find anything that could tie me to the case since there was nothing to find in the first place. I even got my socks back, after 100 days in captivity.

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