Slain girl desperate to leave home.

The more Islam a place has, the less free, the more dangerous, and generally more barbaric any location will be. The evidence for this is so absolutely overwhelming that sometimes the act of blogging it seems preposterously insulting to the intelligence. Nonetheless, political correctness has caused so many really decent and good people to selectively edit their own perception in order to fit the narratives of multiculturalism (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and notions of criticism of culture or religiously inspired behaviors as somehow ‘racist’, that it is necessary to continue to post this material. Add this story to the one below on Dagestan and it is not that hard to extrapolate.

More Islam = more horror. That is what Islam insists on. Because when your religion teaches that the only sure way to a paradisiacal after life is death while fighting against ‘un-believers’ then when can you ever really stop fighting? at what stage? Eventually you have to fight people of other sects or those you can accuse of not being sufficiently devout or impure of thought.

From SUN NEWS Nov 24 2011

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  1. The more Islam there is in the West, the more our governments will be obliged to be authoritarian. The more authoritarian, the more likely a violent Arab Spring. The cycle will continue till peace and justice is established under sharia. Amen.

    We are in the first phase now. Western governments are increasingly authoritarian – the excuse is “Security”. The cause is Muslims.

    The solution – ask Muslims to leave as a first step. Then ask more vigorously. Then keep asking ever more vigorously. Else look forward to a civil war that will make Bosnia look like a garden party.

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