I have re-uploaded one of the videos that YT took special objection to, even though it was merely a subtitled compilation of two videos already on YT but by the original terrorist groups who posted them.

The first one is by a Dagestani leader who calls for all out war on the infidel and asks that women and children (with husbands or fathers permission of course) join the jihad and the second is a Dagestan women homicide bomber’s video she made right before slaughtering over a dozen uninvolved Russians at a Subway station in Russia.

I am reposting this video at this time because of the article a few posts down on Dagestan, and because the BBC will be airing a documentary today/tonight on how the entire region has become a chaotic violent jihad for the purpose of imposing sharia law on everyone and forcing Islamic hegemony and primacy through bombs and killing on all peoples of the area.

It is very important that those of us at more mild stages of the jihad, where it is about simpler rights and less intrusive violations of our own legal, moral and ethical systems pay close attention to what happens in areas where Islam grows in population and consequently influence. This is no joke and neither is it subtle.

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  1. “We want salvation from Allah, Only Allah can judge our deeds”

    Reminds me of sura 9:111 (those who kill and are killed for Allahs cause are promised paradise/salvation)!

    This is the demonic worship of islam; human sacrifice!

    These murdering scumbags are killing to be killed, to get to the great whorehouse in the sky.

    What insane blasphemy!

  2. That is much easier said then done, and the much vaunted Russian Army is really not up to the job, from what I have read the terrorists bribe their way through Russian Army checkpoints on their way to their attacks.

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