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6 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Andrew Breitbart do an excellent analysis of Michael Moore and the hypocrites at the various ‘occupy’ faux-test”

  1. Why doesnt Michael Moore invite the bums occupying our streets to his house and share his wealth? Yeah that would make everybody happy wouldnt it?

  2. Amazing house. He should come and live in the dump I live in to see diversity in action. Not far from me is a homeless shelter,a mosque, little Poland full of shops full of the latest east European goodies to eat, and a road called grub lane as it is the home of more low food eateries than you possibly visit when on vacation from the wonderland that is the Micheal Moore holiday estate. Come and see how the real poor live you rich bastard.

  3. These students occupying the various places also would not share their grades while at college with less able students. The whole socialism movement is full of hypocrites. We Mullahs know all about that but when the left does it it feels weird. It feels like they are trying to muscle in on the perfection of Islam.

  4. Sorry this Micheal Moore thing has got me so worked up. The sheer bare faced cheek of the guy. Even CAIR could learn a thing or two from this guy.

  5. These over educated kids should come and help with our negro porn productions. We would love to integrate them into some of the interracial scenes. Come to think of it maybe not we would never hear the end of the leftie propaganda about the revolution when Micheal Moore will be beaming out leftie propaganda day and night with his fat face on every bill board.

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