Around the world in DDOS attacks

Well today Italy was added to the list of originating nations that are attacking my website. So far, most attacks are from Germany, the Netherlands, and now Italy. But my money is on Iran. I am betting that is where the actual directions are coming from.

Look forward to quite a stunning video from Iranian TV which is being translated now and has quite a few revelations that show the ambitions, intentions and general attitude of the current regime there. At least I may as well earn this attack. I hope to have it up here within a day or two. And once I do, I hope that all of you who have websites will grab the embed and put it on your own site, or even download it and re-upload it to youtube or wherever you host video.

Eeyore for Vlad

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2 Replies to “Around the world in DDOS attacks”

  1. Goes to show the ridiculous situation where our old continent is being colonized and yanks saffas kiwis canucks etc have no right to live there. These ddos attackers should think about how angry we are about that.

  2. Iran is a huffy puffy nothing. It is just threats and more loudmouth claptrap from that source. I bet if they manage to kill a fly they will claim it is victory for the mighty inbreeds of Allah as it was clearly a zionist fly as it landed on the koran.

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