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13 Replies to “‘Asian’ rape gangs.”

  1. The whole theme of this show was the exoneration of islam. And it’s all the more disturbing because Dispatches itself aired a show in which highly placed muslims were recorded explaining why sex with under aged girls is halal, that non-muslims are filth, that girls who don’t cover should be beaten, that war/jihad against non-muslims is the ‘summit’ of islam . . . and of course it IS halal to sexual use women from a non-muslim communities that refuse to submit to islam (i.e. “right hand possessions” per the Quran). It has nothing to do with ethnicity – Hindus from that part of India are the same ethnicity as Pakistanis. The ONLY difference is islam and its despicable cultural fruits, all geared toward forcing non-muslim and especially non-muslim women, into complying with islamic standards of dress and gender aparteid. . . . And the same pattern can be observed in OTHER muslim communities, such as the incidents of assault rapes in Sweden (100% muslim), the mosque utterances of Sheikh Hilali after the Lebanese gang rapes in Oz, the systematic assaults on non-muslim women in places like Egypt/Sudan/Pakistan, or the very similar behavior recently uncovered in Minnesota involving a large gang of Somalis. And what did the interviewer think when the salafi bastard said that they don’t target muslim girls because they would be “dealt with?” He’s an adherent and proponent of shariah and only shariah. What he’s essentially saying is that muslim girls are protected because they are under the jurisdiction and in a state of submission to shariah, while non-muslim girls are not – until they convert or submit. All of it – every last bit – should be laid at the feet of islam and its underhanded war against non-muslims to enforce islam and islamic law, especially against women.

  2. Correction: I believe the assault rape statistic may be from Norway, not Sweden – though I would expect a similar pattern to emerge in both places.

  3. As usual, the presenter is Muslim (PC requirement), and the real cause, Islam itself, is avoided like the plague – which, coincidently, Islam is.

    There is also also an epidemic of rapes in Norway, which the libsocialist government is trying to sweep under the carpet.

  4. The announcer says the EDL capitalised on the race element a trial “even though one of the NINE” defendents was white? So that means almost 90% of the convicted weren’t Pakistani?

    The edl wasn’t interested in the race element. They are interested in the fact that the UK imported people from a country where attitudes about women facilitate this kind of atrocity, then encouraged these people to not integrate. The result was that pakistani communities in britain kept reinforcing the same attitudes about women and other things that made their home country so unlivable in the first place. That is to say their home country was so foul they could not even live there yet when they immigrated they retained the thinking that made their home country so foul in the first place.

    The result was that instead of becoming british they have just made britain a bit more like Pakistan, which not a place any sane person would want their country to be more like.

  5. No follow-through! The question was asked and not answered. Why are Muslims (they kept referring to Pakistanis – let’s call it like it is, please) disproportionately represented? What is it in their background, education, or RELIGION that leads them to believe that this behavior is OK? It all leads to Islam and Islamic society that denigrates women in particular and non-Muslims in general. Period!
    But they don’t dare touch that!
    Luckily, in the US many, many women walk around armed. All you Muslims reading this blog should keep that in mind.
    Maybe it’s time the Brits started playing “Cowboys and Muslims”?

  6. @ Hannah, unfortunatly we here in the UK aren’t allowed to own firearms for most that means we have to rely on our cricket bats to teach these scumbag degenerates a lesson *fumes*

  7. Yes the British people allowed the socialist to disarm them and now they are a shameful example of what happens when you allow the government to have a monopoly on firearms.

    Rape use to be a capital crime because it was considered murder of the soul, of course the left in Britain has also removed the death penalty from all crimes.

    I notice that the reporter and some of those interviewed think we should concentrate on the victims and not the criminals, and to ignore the race of both. Welcome to the coverup.

  8. Stop using the term “Asian” and address these scum for what they are…..Muslims.

    Britain will no longer be in existence 20 years from now, it will be dragged down into the third world gutter, ruled by the very Muslim trash you are allowing unchecked into your country. These animals need to be given a choice between execution or deportation with only 5 seconds to decide……….. Considering the current state of Britain, I thank God every day that I live in the United States.

    I find it ironic that the only people in Britain that care about the downfall of your precious country are the EDL who are unfairly being demonized for their patriotism…..

  9. Europe’s embrace of Socialism has destroyed the family structure and thus, no one is teaching and reinforcing Western values. The Socialists have destroyed the authority of parents and family values through political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism and environmentalism—all of which are designed to undermine family, church and traditional forms or moral authority and replace it with the authority of the amoral and godless state. The Marxists’ plans and their “long march through the institutions” have worked spectacularly in the UK and the rest of Socialist Europe. The Frankfurt School has triumphed.

    Unfortunately for the Socialists/Marists planners, Islam is in the process of seizing victory from the Left’s 100 plus years of effort to destroy the West. It will not be long before Islam rules all of Europe and all your young girls will be nothing but sex slaves to the followers of Mohamed. Europeans will have no one to blame but themselves as they continue to elect and take their marching orders from the EU Socialists who are feeding them to the Muslim wolves. How you English could go from Winston Churchill and victory in WWII to what you are today in a mere 60 years is beyond comprehension. You Brits had better get your heads straight and hope that Tea Party types and “red neck” Americans gain ascendency in American politics—if not, you are all doomed.

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