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6 Replies to “Tommy Robinson interviewed by Michael Coren”

  1. Go Tommy !

    It was the BNP about 5 years ago who publicised the rape epedemic.

    It was the BNP who first alerted people to the coming war with Islam and many other issues.

    This does not negate the work done by the EDL but I had to put the record straight.

    As to the despicable treatment of Tommy by the authorities, this is nothing compared to the treatment of our Chairman, senior figures in the party and ordinary members.

    Tommy should have known what he faced when he set up the EDL and their members also. This is not to downplay anything that has happened to him or his friends but we in the BNP have been pointing out for years the inequitable treatment faced not just by our members, but by anyone who opposes Multiculturalism and the evils attendant on it.

    Whilst not agreeing with the tactics of the EDL I do have great sympathy for their cause and for their courage in facing upto the Muslim scum and their sympathisers in the MSM and politics.

    The EDL are doing what they believe to be right and I would be the last person to criticise them for doing so.

    However a political problem needs a political solution.

  2. The BNP did indeed highlight those things. But the BNP have also had their representatives get up on stage (e.g. in east London) and say to muslims “vote for us – because like you we hate jews and homosexuals”. The BNP has been a vile racist, anti-semitic and homophobic party since its inception. Indeed, the BNP is part of the problem (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the BNP was an asset of the state). The BNP has made any form of nationalism unconscionable. And in doing so, it has served the purposes of businesses who wanted a pool of unemployed to keep the wages of the working class down. In making nationalism=nazism=racism, the BNP has made sure that it was impossible for people to consider taking a stand against islam, because they would be associated with the BNPs other vile policies.

    The BNP is a spent force (thank god). There might be a political solution to the current problems in Britain, but the BNP will not be a part of that. Any association with the BNP is toxic (and rightly so). I was at an EDL meeting when a prominent BNP member turned up, wanting to jump ship. He was heard out, then he was roundly critiqued for his long-term association with Nazism and holocaust denial. The EDL jews in the room did not need to say a word. It was the white working-class who wanted nothing to do with the BNP.

    If no political solution is forthcoming, then we know how the future will play out. We’ve seen it already in Lebanon.

  3. A really great guy. One of the best. May God bless him and keep him safe. Tommy Robinson(peace be upon him). Now there is someone who is a true prophet!

  4. I would say the press are now quite firmly on the issue of rape gangs. They even highlight the problem on the front pages.

  5. On the issue of the BNP it is true they have highlighted these things. No one can take that away from them but they have done a great disservice to true nationalism which is about kindness and love towards ones own country and intolerance to forces that hate that country such as communism, Nazism, fascism, islam and the now defeated IRA.

  6. To Joe Bloggs,

    Is the EDL a Nationalist Party ?

    I don’t think so rather it a protest grouping and fair enough no one can fault them for that.

    Nick Griffin said things he should not have when he was much younger and is quite candid about this. If you want to look at real anti-Semites you could try looking at those disguised as anti-Zionists in the Labour, Conservative, Libdems, SWP, Anarchists etc. We hold no brief on destroying Israel or persecuting the Jews in fact these views are wholly appropriated by the Muslims and their friends in the aforementioned parties. I might add that as a former member of the Labour party I came across many and varied forms of anti-Semitism. So it would seem that this issue is not wholly an issue for the BNP but for all the political parties and it would not suprise me to learn that the whiter than white EDL has its share of them as well. This does not excuse it, but people in glass houses and all that.

    Your laughable and outrageous statement that the BNP is an “asset of the state” is just that – laughable. As to your point about the BNP being somehow instrumental in holding down the wages of workers, please explain how this remarkable issue came about ?

    The people who equate Nationalism with Nazism are those on the left and some on the right you seem to have swallowed their line, sinker and all. In fact this issue is something that all the Nationalist parties in Europe have to overcome and are successfully doing so, we will follow suit. And whether the EDL strenuously denies any and all anti-Antisemitism it will still be accused of it, facts do not get in the way truth where the left are concerned.

    As to your prominent BNP member who wanted to jump ship, well would you trust the word of a traitor ?

    We have a lot of experience with them and your fledgling movement has a lot to learn, this I can guarantee, you have been well and truly infiltrated by now just as we were.

    Still, I wish you all the best and have no particular bone to pick with you or your colleagues and admire your courage and dedication.

    Good luck.

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