Serbians protest the behavior of, and illegal presence of, Islamic immigrants.

Lots of groups in Europe have already stopped sending their children to school. They just haven’t explained why publicly. For those of you who know teachers in any city in a Western nation in grade school or high school, have a chat with them about the reality on the ground now.

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4 Replies to “Serbians protest the behavior of, and illegal presence of, Islamic immigrants.”

  1. “Immigrants from Afghanistan, Somalia and other ‘troubled’ parts of the world…”

    Me thinks there is a common factor in what makes those and other parts of the world so ‘troubled.’ But the al-BBC-ra will never call a spade a spade when it comes to that, will it?

  2. At least they they have the spine to stand up and speak out against the rape of their young. My God, that is the way it should be everywhere, without excuses or apologies or anything else.

  3. The reason parents refuse to send their children to school is for the simple reason that the school can no longer guarantee the safety of their children nor can the rest of the instituitions in society. The public schools is in total chaos today. The children and the youths gets assaulted, robbed and sexually harassed every day of their lives. I just read about a case here in Sweden the other day. It was a school in the now infamous Malmö and the school in question is full of enrichers big time. So far nobody has been killed but it is just a question of time.

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