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6 Replies to “Pat Condell: The Useful idiots of the Palestinians.”

  1. Well said, Pat. This is a man who can always be relied upon to speak the truth.
    However, judging by the amount of disapproving comments and insults he receives, I think that he is preaching mainly to the converted. I hope he keeps up the good work though. Even if he only manages to convince one out of every hundred “useful idiots” to realise the truth, then his videos will have been worthwhile.

  2. He is doing a good job in putting the facts out before people, hopefully a lot of people will watch and be converted to our cause.

  3. Imagine our politicians with just half the wisdom and guts of this man possesses?……As usual,yet another brilliant video from Pat.

  4. @David H,
    I’m not quite sure which video i was more inspired by,Pat Condell or this guy,lol?.Lovely tribute to Pat,and thanks for bringing it to my attention.Please take the time out to watch people.

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