A bunch of faceless nameless murders in Canada from today.

Listening to the news is quite revealing today. For example, if the police bring a white male into custody for so much as littering his name and photo will be all over the place.  Yet when police have arrested, or are even searching for, dangerous offenders quite often these days you hear things like: ‘Police are searching for a male in his 30s’ or something very much like that.

In the Agenda and Views of this site, written several years ago now, I specifically mention this and its consequences to the relationship between people, government and the mass media. I suppose the point of it is to stop people like me, from saying aha! Islam is a set of memes that makes people more likely to murder women!

Well it is. I said it anyway. Read the damn Koran. There is not a SINGLE WOMEN mentioned in it by name except Mary, and that is to say that she was not the mother of god. In other words, the only women actually mentioned in that horrific, psychopathic, adolescent fantasy by Mohamed is mentioned in order to diminish her stature.

So here are two stories from today. Incidentally, does anyone know the law on marriage and name taking in Quebec? Doesn’t the law say that women may not take their husbands names there or something like that? Please post the facts in the comments. By the way, the two boys which are the offspring of the murdered woman and the killer are fine. We can all breath a sigh of relief.

1. A woman and her teenage daughter are stabbed to death in Montreal by her second husband.


2. Man stabbed in city hall library Toronto.

It’s just mighty peculiar that there are no names of the people in custody.

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2 Replies to “A bunch of faceless nameless murders in Canada from today.”

  1. I live in Quebec. Yes Vlad, you are right. In Quebec a married woman CANNOT BY LAW, take her husband’s last name. Her driver’s license and medicare cards have her ‘maiden’ name and legally she must use it. Some woman will use their husband’s name socially. The children from the marriage are allowed to have either their father’s or mother’s last name. In some cases, the children take both parent’s names with a hyphen between. Should these children who have a double barreled last name marry (or live common law with) another person with a double barreled last name and in turn have children themselves, the children from this union may only take ONE of the last names from each parent. In other words, they can never have four last names! It can get complicated, to say the least!
    You are right about the fact that no names are mentioned in these murder cases. Please keep bringing cases like these to people’s attention. I read you everyday. The TRUTH MUST OUT!

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