Up to 10,000 children being exploited by sex gangs, says children’s commissioner

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By Chris Greenwood

Last updated at 1:56 AM on 14th October 2011

Concerns: The Children¿s Commissioner¿s Office estimate there are 10,000 children in England being sexually exploited by organised gangs Concerns: An estimated 10,000 children in England are being sexually exploited by organised gangs

As many as 10,000 children could be the victims of gang-related sexual abuse, it was claimed last night.

And the Children’s Commissioner’s Office said many more could be subjected to exploitation.

It is launching a two-year inquiry aimed at lifting the lid on the scale of the shocking crimes that reach into all parts of society.

The investigation will examine how often vulnerable children are being sexually exploited by organised criminal gangs and other groups.

It will study the appalling phenomenon of Asian men grooming white girls for sex and how teenage girl gang members can be forced into prostitution.

Experts said there is a lack of reliable  official information about the true scale of sexual abuse across England.

Fears have been repeatedly raised that teachers, social workers and police are missing the warning signs when children fall prey to abusers.


Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz, who is leading the inquiry, said estimates suggest up to 10,000 children could be victims.

But she said available evidence suggests many more girls and boys of all ages are being abused in much larger numbers.


Jailed: Evil Stephanie KnightJailed: Evil Stephanie Knight

A young woman who lured two white teenage girls to be raped by three Asian men was jailed for seven years last month.

Stephanie Knight, who was 17 at the time, told the pair they were going clubbing but instead plied them with vodka and drugs.

She forced them to have sex with ‘her boys’ after driving to a derelict terraced house in Accrington, Lancashire.

The two 16-year-old victims were subjected to an appalling ordeal in which both were threatened and subjected to sex attacks.

Three men, brothers Amjad Hussain, 34, and Shahid Hussain, 37, and their cousin, father-of-four Tanveer Butt, 39, were all convicted of rape.

They were jailed indefinitely at Preston Crown Court and must serve at least seven-and-a-half years before they can be considered for release.

The case was the latest to feature Pakistani sex attackers who preyed on vulnerable young white girls.

Politicians and police have repeatedly clashed over how best to tackle what some  suspect is a potentially incendiary hidden crimewave.

Jack Straw, former Home Secretary, has accused some Pakistani men in Britain of seeing white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse.

Several police forces have investigations currently ongoing into gangs suspected of abusing young girls.

Children’s Minister Tim Loughton has suggested that closed Asian communities have turned a blind eye to child sex grooming by gangs of men.

The children's charity Barnardo's say children as young as 10 are being sexually exploited by organised gangs The children’s charity Barnardo’s say children as young as 10 are being sexually exploited by organised gangs

Mrs Berelowitz said: ‘Right now thousands of children are being horrifically abused by gangs and in groups. Children are being failed up and down the country – in every village, town and city. Accurate data is essential so that government, police, local authorities, schools, the youth justice sector and health professionals can properly identify and protect child victims.

Probe: Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz will lead the inquiry Probe: Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz will lead the inquiry

‘As a society we have a collective responsibility to uncover the facts and deal with the grim reality so that children can be properly protected.’

The inquiry was announced after one academic study found much more needs to be done to protect children from sexual exploitation. Experts at the University of Bedfordshire found guidance issued two years ago on safeguarding children is not being followed in three out of four areas.

They found that children are coerced into sexual activity by grooming, pressure from a friend who is already a victim, or powerful neighbourhood gang members.

Children in local authority care are more than four times as likely to fall victim as those in families.Earlier this year an investigation found one in four men accused of street-grooming vulnerable underage girls for sex is Asian. It followed a series of shocking cases in which white girls were lured into abuse, often with drugs and alcohol.

The report was the most detailed assessment yet of the crime but the new inquiry will have a wider remit to include all types of abuse.

In January, Barnardo’s said children as young as 10 are being sexually exploited by organised gangs of men. It revealed staff were working with more than 1,000 children  who have been groomed, abused and trafficked for money, and the problem is growing.

The Government is due to  publish a renewed action plan later this year detailing how it will respond to concerns about child sexual exploitation.

Children’s Commissioner Maggie Atkinson said the inquiry will be ‘a wake-up call for us all’.

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8 Replies to “Up to 10,000 children being exploited by sex gangs, says children’s commissioner”

  1. I read this article in the Mail myself but it said that the attackers were of all races. Some of us have known that this sort of thing has been going on for years, not just here but in other western countries as well, and we know full well that the main culprits are Muslims. But as usual all the stops are being pulled out to cover up the politically explosive and inconvenient truth.

  2. Remember when I did a little math based upon government and NGO figures combined with victim testimonies? And those extreme numbers were based upon smaller figures given by the government, police and NGOs. The poor girls reported being evenutally put into a “revolving door situation” where they were drugged up and forced to service numbers of men that went into the “double digits” for days on end.

    So what is the bare minimum of muslim men who will pay these gangs to rape these 12 to 15 year old girls based upon this number?

    1 in 4 groomers is pakistani so 2500 of these girls are being exploited by pakistanis. The pakistanis, after making them service smaller numbers of men a day for a period of time, put them into revolving door situations where they must service men in the double digits for days and weeks on end. That is from multiple victim testimonies broadcast on the BBC and seen in vids on youtube and here.

    1 day of servicing 10 men x 2,500= 25,000 men. 7 days of this means 175,000 men.

    The male muslim population of england and wales is 768,000. (A certain percentage of that are children.)

    768k/175k=4! A 1 in 4 chance a muslim man living in britain will pay to violate one of the 2,500 girls currently being exploited by muslim gangs? 1 day means 1 in 28, and 1 week means 1 in 4.

    The variables that reduce that are 1) class, I am sure upper class muslim men aren’t paying gangs for this disgusting service. 2) some of the men participate multiple times. Almost all men who visit a prostitute only do it once in their lifetime.

    Things that increas the probability.

    -A certain number of the 768,000 muslim men are in fact children.
    -This report does not take into account the numbers involved in the past since this started.
    -also when it started the muslim population of Britian was smaller.
    -10 is the smallest possible double digit.
    -the revolving door situation does not take into account all the men these girls were forced to service BEFORE being put into the revolving door situation.

    Once again, this is only for those currently being exploited. Those who have been exploited in the past is far far more than this.

    These numbers are absolutely not accurate as there are too many factors and variables but even the smallest possible minimum is astronomical.

    The girls who are subjected to this will succum to lives of substance addiction, mental illness and suicide (including “accidental” overdoses), and will never be able to have a normal relationship. The families of the girls who are not in care will be ruined as well.

    This is a worse than the centuries of viking raids that Britian sufferd.

    And the police intentionally ignored it because they were afraid to hurt peoples feelings?

    If I was one of these poor girls I would sue the the government for tens of millions pounds for a) allowing in people from a culture and law system known to condone and encourage the rape of christians specifically, and the police for choosing to permit it to continue for years after they were repeatedly made aware of the crisis.

    If I was a father or mother of a girl in Britain today I would buy an assault rifle.

  3. Until there is an open, and very honest debate on the issue of the organized exploitation of underage girls and children it will continue.

    There is a public interest to be informed of the exact figures, not estimates which can be misleading. With respect the Asian gangs; the ideology driving the exploitation of Non Muslim girls and women should be subject to an open and honest debate or/and subject to a public inquiry with a report drawn up for the public!

    Generally; organised rape/exploitation of women & children is an act of war. It is the duty of all governments everywhere to protect all their citizens from what would seem to be an attack from hostile predators in their midst!

  4. Here’s something else to think about. It takes a lot of gang members to groom and exploit 2,500 10-15 year old girls.

    Say a gang is 5 guys then 2500 girls with one being exploited by each gang means 12,500 gang members. 2 being exploited at a time is 6,250 gang members. 3=4,166 gang members. 4=3125. So the numbers of these gang members is somewhere between 3,125 and 12,500. A Brigade is 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers and a divison is 10,000 to 15,000 soldiers.

    An army is 50k soldiers. So the number of 175,000 suggested above is equivalent to 3.5 armies (50k soldiers).

    So what’s yer point nerd?

    The possible equivalent of 3.5 armies have raped tens of thousands of british 10-15 year old girls, causing the exact same amount of perminant psychological harm an invasion would have (in interviews about russian treatment of europian women at the end of WWII 80 year old women still break down into tears when discussing thier odeals). And the British government aided and abetted them by refusing to confront them for years after they were made aware of what was happening.

  5. Anon said “Generally; organised rape/exploitation of women & children is an act of war.”

    Not exactly. The organized forcing of women into sex slavery is a Crime Against Humanity according to the international courts and as such the penalty is 12 years to life imprisonment (though various courts have different punishments for it). In less wussified parts of the world the penalty for crimes against humanity is still death. At the very least the charge of Crime Against Humanity should be added to the charges for every member of a grooming gang. If convicted they could recieve added prison time of 12 years to life on top of whatever they get from the other crimes they are convicted of.

    Personally I think Britian should “bring back hanging” just for these vile scumbags.

  6. @Truthiocity. Unfortunately we don’t have the same gun laws in any european country like you have in the US. Getting a gun permit is very hard here even if it can vary to some degree from country to country. Even if you manage to get a permit and a gun it doesn’t mean you can even use it. If the perp gets even slightly wounded it is us that goes in to the slammer slam dunk, not the perps and the permit will be revoked after that. That is the sorry state we are in over here.

  7. I agree Britain should bring back the death penalty, the last I heard most of the voters want it but the politicians don’t.

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