Canadian university appoints terror-supporting Islamist to head new department

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By Andrew Lawton – Thu Oct 13, 9:13 pm

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 In March, Huron University College–an affiliated campus of London, Ontario’s University of Western Ontario–announced its intent to accept a $2 million endowment to install a Chair in Islamic Studies, as part of Huron’s Faculty of Theology. The money was to come from various sources, but the bulk of it from the Muslim Association of Canada, a Canadian Islamic organization that aims to uphold the values of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the International Institute of Islamic Thought, an organization indicted alongside al-Qaeda as a sponsor of terrorism.

The College dismissed concerns early on about financial links to radical individuals and organizations, with then-interim principal Trish Fulton saying, “Huron University College is aware of the allegations against IIIT… The funding was approved by our Executive Board after a thorough due diligence process, which we would implement in the event of any gift of this magnitude.”

Now, sources inside Huron University College have stated the College’s intent to announce their appointment tomorrow morning. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a member of the College’s search committee revealed the appointment to be Dr. Ingrid Mattson, a convert to Islam who is presently a Professor of Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut, and Director of the MacDonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.

The presence of a white, female, English-speaking, convert to Islam in such a leadership role for North American Muslims may seem like the community’s embrace of progressiveness, but Mattson is far from being a moderate.

In 2001, Mattson claimed that Wahhabism–Saudi-sponsored terrorism that was in play during the September 11 attacks–was “analogous to the European protestant reformation“. She denounced it had any role in 9/11, which has been disproven. More shockingly, in a post-9/11 PBS interview, she candidly stated that she couldn’t find “any difference” between Christian leaders criticizing Islam and Osama bin Laden claiming to represent Islamic theology.

This ‘expert’ in Muslim-Christian relations also claimed that, “Right-wing Christians are very risky allies for American Jews, because they are really anti-Semitic. They do not like Jews.” I must have missed this memo; I apologize to any of my Jewish friends whom I misled by claiming I liked them.

Mattson also justified Palestinian terrorism, inferring it’s the natural byproduct of a people being forced to “defend their families and lands,” even going so far as to lay some of the blame on American foreign policy. How about Muslim sleeper cells? Surely we can all agree that those aren’t ideal. Well, according to Dr. Moderate, they don’t exist.

The list goes on.

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7 Replies to “Canadian university appoints terror-supporting Islamist to head new department”

  1. Ms Mattions, a convert, Professor of Islamic Studies: claimed that:

    “Wahhabism-Saudi sponsored terrorism that was in play during September 11th attacks was: analogus to the European Protestant Reformation” Does that make sense or what?

    Generally; these intellectual deliquents never cease to be a constant sourse of amusement. However; this statement was the best ever, but one does not know whether to laugh or cry! How they do it, talk the right embecilic rubbish and win a chair in some university, that is all it takes!

  2. Mattson’s comments sound like the kind of tripe served up by Tokyo Rose, don’t you think? … As they say, …”Follow the money”. … Methinks you’ll find a Saudi prince.

  3. Considering her name is very common in Scandinavia, both her first name and the surname it makes me ashamed to have exported such miscreants like her. I don’t know if the sharmuta is 2nd, 3rd generation immigrant or whatever. Not that it matters. But it stains our reputation even more. Back in the 19th century we were basically third world nations. Lots of people were poor and starved, not only on Ireland. So they emigrated to America out of desperation in hope of finding a better life than here in their native countries. A sharmuta like Ms Mattson has aboslutely betrayed her roots.

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