France’s Islamic suburbs are becoming ‘separate communities’ divided-nation!

France’s run-down city suburbs are becoming ‘separate Islamic societies’ cut off from the state, a report has warned.

Arab communities are increasingly rejecting French values and identity to immerse themselves in Muslim culture and lifestyle, it was found.

Muslim pupils often boycott school dinners if the food is not halal and most Arabs oppose marriages to white French citizens, the study by respected political scientist Gilles Kepel revealed.

As a result, France – whose five million Muslims make up Europe’s largest Islamic population – was turning into a ‘divided nation’, the study called ‘Suburbs of the Republic’ has found.

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4 Replies to “France’s Islamic suburbs are becoming ‘separate communities’ divided-nation!”

  1. The French will have to get tough. I mean they will have to get to the point where they fear the police less than they fear the expansion of sharia in France. Only then will things change because only then will people begin doing what is necessary …..

  2. This is very old news. If they use their communities as a base to raid non-Muslims, non-Muslims should raid them back. BTW, how do these communities recognize a non-Muslim? Probably by ethnicity, while Islam claims to be race-blind. If they consider all Arabs to be Muslim, non-Muslims will have to do the same. This maybe racist in the real sense of the word, unlike criticism of Islam, but Islam is far more dangerous to non-Muslim People of Color than all “racists” combined. This we can see in Sudan. As these Muslims no doubt think they can abduct, convert and breed with captured non-Muslim women, non-Muslims should return the favor. Interestingly, this would remove the fear that non-Muslims would Holocaust the Muslims.

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