Danish Mega-Mosque Funded by Iran

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Hudson New York 23 September 2011
By Soeren Kern

The city council of Copenhagen has given its final approval for the construction of the first official “Grand Mosque” in the Danish capital. The mega-mosque will have a massive blue dome as well as two towering minarets and is architecturally designed to stand out on Copenhagen’s low-rise skyline.

Unlike most mosques in Europe, which cater to Sunni Muslims, the mosque in Copenhagen pertains to Shia Islam. The mosque is being financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran; critics say that theocrats in Tehran intend to use the mosque to establish a recruiting center for the militant Shia Muslim group, Hezbollah in Europe.

Critics of the Shia mosque have warned local politicians that the building will be owned by the Iranian regime for use as a propaganda center as well as a platform from which to recruit impressionable Muslim immigrant youths for service to Hezbollah. But the Copenhagen city council states that who pays for building the mosque is none of its concern.

The Copenhagen mosque is, in fact, being built by Ahlul Beit Foundation, a radical Shia Muslim proselytizing and political lobbying group run by the Iranian government. Ahlul Beit already runs around 70 Islamic centers around the world, and has, as its primary goal, the promoting of the religious and political views of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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8 Replies to “Danish Mega-Mosque Funded by Iran”

  1. Utter insanity. Guess the Little Mermaid will get her niqab on soon, but so will the womenfolk of the loony lefties who hate western civilization enough that they are prepared to sell mere females out to the invader.

  2. But the Copenhagen city council states that who pays for building the mosque is none of its concern.

    So weather it’s funding from hamas,Al qaeda,etc i suppose would all be fine and dandy in there eyes aswell then? Get ready to reap from your vile,ignorant seeds that you sow.

  3. Rubbish! What an eyesore! Ghastly. I do not think I will ever visit Copenhagen if that is what I have to see first thing I have to see after I land. Adam is right.

  4. You won’t see bombings of towns during WWIII, in WWII it was done because of the flawed theory that bombing would make the public scared and force the enemy to surrender. You will see bombing of factories, railroads and bridges but not towns.

  5. As a swede living on the other side of the strait, I’ve been to Copenhagen many times when I grew up. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, still is but this mega mosque will not improve that picture. Nor will it work as a tourist attraction either. More likely it will pollute the skyline. However, this is just accordingly to pislam itself. The mosques must rise higher than the kuffar buildings to show the dominance of pislam.

  6. Reactions are becoming more and more virulent against Islam:
    In order to prevent a Swiss mosque being built, pieces of pork have been scattered or buried in the ground in Switzerland.
    In Spain:
    In France
    A sport getting accrued interest; burning or sullying a koran
    Spreading in Denmark:

    A “euro-regionalist” group, the “Bloc Identitaire” had broadcast the muezzin call to waken up the inhabitants of a neighbourhood of Bordeaux and warn them about the project of a mosque building:

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