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Away with the Cross: Secondos is for a new Swiss flag

The Swiss cross should be abolished. The demands of the immigrant second generation immigrants Plus Association. “The Swiss flag is no longer today’s multicultural Switzerland,” says Petrusic.

The cross had a Christian background. The Christian origin of Switzerland, it is true indeed respected, “but it is also a separation between religion and state to make,” asks the Executive Member of secondos Plus. “Apart from that we have today a great religious and cultural diversity in Switzerland.”

It needs new symbols, which could also identify with everyone, even non-Christians. As a new national flag might offer the former flag of the Helvetic Republic. This was officially introduced in 1799 and consisted of the colors quergesteift green, red, yellow.

It has similarities with the current flags of Ghana and Bolivia.”The colors were red and yellow for the original cantons of Schwyz and Uri and the green revolution,” says Petrusic.Furthermore, all aliens were at that time from 20 Year of age had the right to vote. “The Helvetic flag stands for a progressive and open-minded Switzerland.”

More here in German.


  1. Don’t you worry about Switzerland. Our direct democracy keeps things under control.

    I have a better story for you: Mother of three found dead in a ditch (Sweden) Of course they don’t mention ethnic background, but here’s a Google Translated quote from the Aftonbladet article ( that should give you some hints: “They got married last year, I think, but it was probably just something practical for after he suddenly brought the children abroad. He said he would only go shopping, says a local residents who had known the woman for ten years.
    In March they returned to Sweden after having managed to get out of a war-torn country, and the family seemed to have reconciled.”

  2. EVERY entity that is bent on destroying western civilisation recognise that the destruction that they desire is INTRINSIC to Christianity and it’s symbols, if they can’t eradicate those, then they can’t destroy western civilisation. They spend more time attacking, undermining, legislating against these than anything else.
    Why can’t so many of the people who wish to save it accept that simple fact

  3. Deny allegiance to the flag? Remove citizenship for the whole family, then deport within 24 hours.

    I will bet that all of them with not only pledge allegiance to the Swiss flag but convert to Christianity.

    The only thing makes these immigrants so bold is that we are tolerant.

  4. We pay 4 our own destruction…….. Turkisch AKP will make sure enough Muslims will live in Western countries to start political parties and with immigrant birth rate they will be in charge…… Not now…..but they will. And our politicians are supporting them without knowing!

  5. This is one of the most stupid proposals. I have never heard of any group anywhere in the world whose immigrants want the host country to change the flag of the country that allows them to stay there.

  6. Europe desperately needs to get back on track and acknowledge her heritage. Christianity shaped modern Europe; its institutions and its culture. Perhaps in that spirit that forever negates -nilihilism-, that has now intoxicated Europe, they can remove the cross from whereever. However; they cannot remove it’s message unless of course, it is already dead within the minds and hearts of the Europeans themselves!

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