New Studies Show Severe Racial Discrimination at University of Wisconsin


Tuesday, 13 September 2011 (Madison, WI) Two studies released today by the Center for Equal Opportunity reveal severe discrimination based on race and ethnicity in undergraduate and law school admissions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with African Americans and Latinos given preference over whites and Asians.

The studies are based on data supplied by the schools themselves, some of which the university had refused to turn over until a lawsuit was filed by CEO and successfully taken all the way to the state supreme court. The studies were prepared by Dr. Althea Nagai, a research fellow at CEO, and can be viewed on the organization’s website,

CEO president Roger Clegg will answer questions about the studies when they are formally released at a press conference today at 11:00 a.m. at the DoubleTree hotel in Madison—525 W. Johnson St.

The odds ratio favoring African Americans and Hispanics over whites was 576-to-1 and 504-to-1, respectively, using the SAT and class rank while controlling for other factors. Thus, the median composite SAT score for black admittees was 150 points lower than for whites and Asians, and the Latino median SAT score was 100 points lower. Using the ACT, the odds ratios climbed to 1330-to-1 and 1494-to-1, respectively, for African Americans and Hispanics over whites.

For law school admissions, the racial discrimination found was also severe, with the weight given to ethnicity much greater than given to, for example, Wisconsin residency. Thus, an out-of-state black applicant with grades and LSAT scores at the median for that group would have had a 7 out 10 chance of admission and an out-of-state Hispanic a 1 out of 3 chance—but an in-state Asian with those grades and scores had a 1 out of 6 chance and an in-state white only a 1 out of 10 chance.

CEO chairman Linda Chavez noted: “This is the most severe undergraduate admissions discrimination that CEO has ever found in the dozens of studies it has published over the last 15 years.” Chavez also noted: “The studies show that literally hundreds of students applying as undergrads or to the law school are rejected in favor of students with lower test scores and grades, and the reason is that they have the wrong skin color or their parents came from the wrong countries.”

Roger Clegg added: “The latest census figures have dramatically underscored that America is increasingly multiethnic and multiracial. In such country, is simply untenable for our institutions—including public universities—to engage in politically correct but divisive and unfair discrimination.”

The Center for Equal Opportunity recently joined an amicus brief challenging the use of racial preferences at the University of Texas, in a case for which review by the U.S. Supreme Court will be sought this week.

DOWNLOAD University of Wisconsin Study

DOWNLOAD University of Wisconsin Law School Study

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5 Replies to “New Studies Show Severe Racial Discrimination at University of Wisconsin”

  1. Coming from a different angle, consider the lack of employment after graduation from law school. My own son had several hefty scholarship offers to attend law school (not at UW). As he visited several campus’ across the nation to examine housing options for married couples, he discovered that the employment stats published by each school were padded and highly misleading. He opted for another career two years ago. Financial aid, necessary for many to attend these exhorbitantly overpriced schools should also play as a factor. Race does play a factor in qualifying for aid as well.
    How these overwhelmingly un- or underemployed law graduates are going to pay back these loans is going to be a major issue soon as well.

  2. This has been going on for years all over the U.S.

    There colleges with 90% of their minority students in remedial reading classes.
    One University was heavily criticized for requesting they not be sent any more students that could not write a complete sentence.They were threatened with a lawsuit for racism.

    These are students on government loans.Many are just there to receive the cash from education financing.They are required to attend classes for two weeks,verified by a teacher,then they collect the loans and never return to class.

    The worst is fire and police departments that are forced to hire minorities that can’t pass the basic exams and some are convicted felons.

  3. Here’s an interesting documentary on this subject:
    College Conspiracy . An alternative title would be “The College Bubble” as many of the misdeeds that created the “real estate bubble” are mirrored with higher education. Student loan debts currently exceed total credit card debt.


    “When I was a kid, you NEVER heard parents say “we’re planning and putting money away for your education because it’s going to cost us a hundred thousand dollars, and we have to keep putting that money away so that when you graduate – not only will you NOT pay us back, you’re not even going to get a job.”

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