Video on FGM in Islamic communities

This is good but brace yourselves. I like how black women activists, what we used to call ‘feminists’, meaning they fought for rational rights for women, like the right not to have all your sexual equipment removed for example, are being told that banning this practice is ‘neocolonialist’ and they have to fight the moronic left who pretend to be on the side of the oppressed by not stopping them from being mutilated in the genitals.

Kafka, did you ever think things could go this far?

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8 Replies to “Video on FGM in Islamic communities”

  1. Notice how they cunningly avoided mentioning the ‘M’ word and just referred to it as ‘tradition’, even though all the countries listed on the map were Muslim countries and the woman who had served time in jail was wearing Muslim dress.
    Don’t forget that the Prophet Mohammed himself endorsed FGM!

  2. Not to mention, that countries right next door who are not Islamic do not do these practices. For example, Somalia is all about the hacking removal of woman’s sexual organs and related materials, while Christian Ethiopia right next door with the same basic peoples in most ways do not do it.

  3. He concludes: either we self censor, or else we say and publish what we want and create mayhem. Typical for the emasculated, infantile western “intellectual” to fail to produce the third and very conclusive solution: throw them out, to the very last one of them.

  4. When you have women supporting this barbarity ,performing the surgery and forcing their children to undergo such a dangerous,disfiguring operation that can cripple them for life,you are dealing with clear mental illness.
    If a persons sanity is so far gone,due to religion,tradition or w/e the excuse, they need to be removed from society .Sane people do not amputate body parts from children.
    Religions that support this cruel violation of human rights should be outlawed.

  5. Just another example of the so called ‘Women’s Liberation Movement’ in the western world ignoring this obscene ‘tradition’ by keeping their collective mouths shut. Shameful!

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