Two EDL members stabbed in pub

I have written before on the soft totalitarianism of selective enforcement and other tactics of the modern British state. This one has me especially concerned. Even the most ardent detractors of the EDL admit rapidly, that had a number of EDL members walked into a building and stabbed several Muslim radicals or activists merely because they were Muslim activists, it would be front page news all over the UK and probably all over the world with Iran leading the way.

Meanwhile, several EDL members were followed into a public space yesterday and stabbed by Muslims while they were drinking and socializing and there is practically nothing at all about it in the media. The account given below is, as I have been told, disgracefully inaccurate.

England, you have a problem. You were offered a choice. Defend your culture forcefully or suffer humiliation. You have chosen humiliation. I hope that works out for you. (Paraphrasing Sir Winston)

Here is a facebook posting on the events as the EDL saw it

From This is London:

Two men were seriously hurt when they were stabbed in clashes between the English Defence League and Muslim protesters after a 9/11 memorial service in London.

The two men are thought to have been on opposing sides during a pitched battle outside a pub in Edgware Road last night.

The groups staged rival protests outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Squareduring a minute’s silence to mark the moment when the first hijacked plane hit New York’s World Trade Center 10 years ago.

About 100 activists from radical Islamist groups including Muslims Against Crusades set fire to a US flag while others shouted slogans including “USA terrorists”.

Sixty members of the far-Right group staged a counter demonstration and both groups then took part in an unplanned 90-minute march along Park Lane and Edgware Road toRegent’s Park Mosque.

A fight broke out outside the Tyburn pub in Edgware Road in which the two men were stabbed. More than 40 people were arrested during the day, 13 of them in connection with assaults during the brawl at about 6pm.

An eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, said: “There was a group of EDL guys drinking outside the pub when a large group of Muslims walked past. The EDL started hurling racist abuse at the Muslims who took offence. They got angry and were yelling back.

“Then the EDL guys picked up pub furniture and started throwing glasses and chairs and tables at the group in the street.

“It was chaos. At first it was just 10 EDL guys but that number quickly swelled to about 50 people.

“The police were on the scene really quickly. They separated the groups and just started arresting people.”

Earlier radical Islamists, including hate preacher Anjem Choudary, gathered in Grosvenor Square as families of British 9/11 victims prepared for a remembrance ceremony in the September 11 memorial garden.

A smaller group of Muslims staged a counter-demonstration nearby, holding up placards reading “Muslims Against Extremism” and “If You Want Sharia, Move To Saudi”

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3 Replies to “Two EDL members stabbed in pub”

  1. We have now heard the politically correct version of what happened, I notice that according to the lamestream press both sides had someone stabbed while the EDL says both were EDL members. I will trust the EDL before I do the lamestream press.

  2. “Sixty members of the far-Right group staged a counter demonstration”?!?!?!

    Why are they far right for expressing that they find this behavior disgusting? If these people are “far right” then so is every other person in Britain.

    The fact is it’s MAC who are Far Right. There is absolutely nothing islamic radicals promote which is not extreme far right.

  3. The Mainstream media in the US and Europe are so far to the left that they think moderates are conservatives and conservatives are radical right.

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