Looking for video on the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo today.

News is rough for Israel. Add this to the open and irrational hostility from Turkey.

I suppose Obama did promise hope and change. I guess we should have asked for who.

I will add videos as I find them below:

Tearing the Israeli flag down at the embassy in Cairo Sept 9 2011

Thanks for the YNET news tip. Lots there, I have a long video from Al Jazeera but it will take me a bit of time to process.

The burning of the Israeli flag to chants of ‘Allahu Ackbar’

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11 Replies to “Looking for video on the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo today.”

  1. Yeah he promised change, but he didn’t say if the change would be for our good or the good of our enemies. You really don’t have space for a list of everything bad about him that was known and ignored by the voters.

  2. Peace with Israel, what a drag! And those Israelis dare to defend themselves too, how rude! They use walls, what an offense!

    Genius has its limits but stupidity is not likewise bound.

  3. watching anything about the middle east, so called arab spring is like watching a a really bad hollywood movie with lots of zombies and infected populations raging, flesh eating animals
    How much fall out would there be for the Israelis if they just nuked all those surrounding countries? Could they still survive? Was there that much fall out from the nuking of the Japs? Go Israel Go Take them all down No loss to the world Maybe the Chinese will help if you offer them lots of intellectual knowledge in trade.

  4. That’s what walls were originally designed to do. Keep the enemy, and animals, out. The walls are gone, and hostile animals are breeding within the gates. The future couldn’t look any bleaker.

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